MacGregor's Johor Bahru Voted Top 30 Bars In Malaysia

The most vibrant bar in the city was also awarded the Guinness Top Beer Bar of the Year!

Malaysia's Top 30 has selected MacGregor's Johor Bahru as one of the top 30 bars in the country, which is a significant achievement considering the pool of some 200 plus bars that were nominated.

Malaysia’s Top 30 was created to celebrate the country’s Best Bars, Bartenders and Restaurateurs

Out of the 200 bars, only half are selected for evaluation by a panel of industry selected juries. This figure is then whittled down to 50 bars that will then be in the running to be selected as one of the top 30 bars in Malaysia.

Representatives from the MacGregor's team at the Malaysia Top 30 Bar Awards Ceremony In Kuala Lumpur

Similarly to the "Notorious" mixed-martial-arts fighter the bar is named after, MacGregor's emerged victorious along 29 other bars across the country. The list however is not a ranking, and is made to recognize the amazing talent and handwork that goes into the Malaysian bar scene.

MacGregor's owner, Kevin (centre) receiving the Guinness Top Beer Bar Award 2022

Another significant victory by the Irish pub would be the Guinness Top Beer Bar of the year award, which is a testament to the incredible quality every pint of stout exhumes at Macgregor's.

Photo of MacGregor's Big Papa Burger

MacGregor's is also on Beyond, with 1-for-1 on their main courses, so do grab a bite while enjoying a pint of Guinness. We highly recommend trying the shepherds pie, which has incredibly tender beef, as well as the tangy and savory salmon Tutti fruity, which pairs a tangy berry cream with perfectly grilled salmon.