Best Japanese Deliveries & Takeaways in Singapore

It's mighty difficult to cook restaurant-standard Japanese food at home, so how about taking away or ordering in from one of these spots instead? Fulfil your Japanese cravings at Kazoku Japanese Cuisine, Kei Kaisendon, Sen-ryo, COOP by Neon Pigeon and more!

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Kazoku Japanese Cuisine
Photo by Burppler Mel Ong


For All Things Aburi
Serving a palatable selection of Japanese food, Kazoku Japanese Restaurant knows how to hit your taste buds in all the right spots. Not-to-be-missed dishes from Kazoku include Salmon Mentaiko Sushi ($12.90), Salmon Katsu Curry Don ($11.90) and Mentaiko Aburi Salmon Don ($11.90). Burppler k & w’s table particularly enjoyed the latter, which “came with a generous serving of salmon and mentaiko, seared to perfection!"

Kei Kaisendon
Photo by Burppler Cafehoppingkids . 

For Chirashi Bowls & Sushi
If you’re up for all things chirashi, sushi, and fresh seafood, Kei Kaisendon is waiting for you. Order Kei Kaisendon’s Ebi Mentaiyaki Kaisendon and Kei Signature Kaisendon that start from as low as $12.90. If you’re a fan of mentaiko, don’t forget to add Mentaiko Tamago for your takeaway meal. Burppler Christine Clara enjoyed the Ebi Mentaiyaki Kaisendon and Kei Signature Kaisendon, and exclaims that “the raw seafood ingredients are so sweet and umami” and that “seafood really couldn’t get any fresher than this!”

Shin Minori
Photo by Burppler Christal Yeo


For Yummy Bento Sets
Want an authentic Japanese bento set to fill your tummies? Shin Minori, while typically a buffet restaurant, is currently offering bento sets and many other main dishes for takeaway and delivery, ranging from unagi and beef to ramen and tempura. Enjoy their massive selection of bento sets, including the Chirashi Sushi Set ($31.90), Unagi To Shake Sashimi Set ($30.90) and for the crab lovers, the Sushi To Kani Kara Age Set ($31.90). You’re in for a huge bento treat!

Photo by Burppler Vanessa Kou

For Japanese Sandos
Esora is a modern Japanese kappo-style restaurant that showcases modern Japanese cuisine, though during this period, they're hoping that their delicious deep-fried "katsu" sandos will bring you a sense of satisfaction. Do try their Tamagoyaki Sando ($18), Japanese Pork Sando ($28), Black Angus Beef ($38), and Wagyu Potato Croquette Sando ($18). Add on Japanese pudding for a sweet treat after your meal!

Tsuta Japanese Dining
Photo by Burppler Cecil Dulam

For A Large Variety
If you’re craving quality Japanese food, you can trust Tsuta Japanese Dining to dish up some incredible stuff. Choose from a wide variety of ramen, donburis, maki rolls, and fried side dishes! Community favourites include Tsuta’s Aburi Salmon Mentaiko Roll ($19.50), Mala Tonkatsu Soba ($15) and Crab Soba ($18). Tsuta is currently offering their own takeaway deals on ramen and donburi sets so you can heartily feast on these delights.

Photo by Sen-ryo

For Fine Japanese Fare
Sen-ryo is arguably the hottest affordable fine Japanese restaurant to come to our shores, and they've come up with an exquisite takeaway menu filled with delectable sushi and sashimi platters imported twice weekly from Toyosu, Japan! Highlights include the sen-ryo Sushi Set ($20) with ebi fry maki, maguro with spicy sauce and akaebi served with chawanmushi, miso soup and tomato salad. Or try their Special Unagi Bento ($18.80) showcasing grilled eel on rice, ebi fry, croquette and tomato salad.

COOP by Neon Pigeon
Photo by COOP

For Izakaya-inspired Takeout
Launched by the folks behind modern izakaya Neon Pigeon, the new Japanese takeout spot COOP serves up delicious bowls, sando-burgs and ramen that are simple yet exciting! Think Korean Fried Chicken Sando Burger ($16) with gochujang sauce, pickled carrots and cucumber or a Sake Smoked Pork Ramen ($16) with mushrooms, napa cabbage, and ramen egg. Don't miss their rice and salad bowls either, with flavours such as Miso Roasted Salmon ($18) and Yakiniku Wagyu Beef ($19).

Photo by Tanoke

For Bincho-tan Grilled Meats
Get the best of the land and sea with the umami-packed takeaways and deliveries from Tanoke, featuring ingredients like giant tiger prawns and Australian MB7 wagyu. Burppler Gary Lim says "nothing beats the Coastal Lamb Rack ($38), aged with koji, slathered in sweet onion marinade, and then fired up over a shichirin bincho tan grill. Smoky, flavourful, and incredibly tender!" If you're a sake lover, remember to add a bottle of premium curated sake to your cart.