10 Best Slurp-worthy Ramen in Singapore

Shoyu or shio? Tonkotsu or chicken broth? Here's our list of the 10 best ramen in town, including the hot new Menbaka Fire Ramen, chicken-only Kure Menya and community favourite Marutama. 

Menbaka Fire Ramen
Photo by Burppler The RantingPanda

For Flaming Hot Ramen
For some real heat, make your way down to the new Singapore outpost of Kyoto's famed Menbaka Fire Ramen ($17.90 for shoyu, $18.90 for tonkotsu). The dish gets its name from the flaming negi oil that the chef pours over the signature broth. As Burppler Julius Lim puts it, "it resulted in a smoky rich broth that you will slurp to the last drop." Burppler Iris Lim says to also give their Charcoal Kaarage ($14.90) a try, as "it tastes better than it looks."

Kure Menya: 1-for-1 Ramen (save~$12)
Photo by Burppler Shawn Loh

For Chicken Based Ramen
On the second floor of Fraser Tower is this hidden gem serving up chicken-based ramen that's full of collagen - after all, the broth takes seven hours to prepare. At just $11.90, enjoy a bowl of Tori Chashu Ramen in Original/Spicy, which sees thick and tender slices of chicken chashu or opt for the dry ramen Maze-men. Burppler Yeo Shan Rui was skeptical at first, "but but the chicken broth turns out to be really rich and creamy."


Marutama Ra-Men
Photo by Burppler HF T

For Toripaitan Broth
Most ramen places serve tonkotsu or shio broth, but Marutama makes magic happen with chicken broth of a gorgeously milky consistency, with pork as a topping. Burppler HF T feel that it's a very well balanced combo cos then the taste doesn't get too "porky", oily and overwhelming." Get the signature Marutama Ramen (from $15) - springy Hakata-style noodles, a slice of tender chashu, and an amazingly molten soft-boiled egg.

Uma Uma (Forum the Shopping Mall)
Photo by Burppler Daniel Food Diary

For Rich Tonkatsu Broth
Known for their Hakata-style ramen, Uma Uma serves up well-trusted favourite like the Uma Uma Ramen ($16.80) and the Spicy Chasiu Ramen ($16.80), In recent years, they've also come up with variations like Garlic ($16.80) with a garlic tonkotsu broth and Bushi Tonkotsu ($17) with bonito tonkotsu broth. Burppler Triffany Lim says "They use the thick and curly type of noodles which addes more chewiness/springy and resilient texture which holds more sauce on it."

Ippudo (Mandarin Gallery)
Photo by Burppler Nick Wong

For Killer Late-Night Ramen
The famed Ippudo at Mandarin Gallery is a go-to for ramen lovers of all sorts, and the restaurant is known for coming up with seasonal creations every so often, from Chilli Crab Ramen to Curry Tonkotsu Ramen. But of course, the classics are the ones to stand by. Burppler Nick Wong likes the Akamaru Ramen thanks to "the perfect medley of flavours of the rich savoury broth, chashu and Hakata style ramen noodles. Ippudo always manages to maintain their high standards or ramen throughout all their franchises."

Torasho Ramen & Charcoal Bar
Photo by Burppler Yeo Shan Rui

For Dipping Ramen
For some of Singapore's best dipping ramen (tsukemen), you'll want to check out the relatively new Torasho. Try the original Tsukemen ($14), which Burppler Kenneth Lee slurped clean - "the ingredients were fresh, the meat was tender, and the broth was rich and tasty." Burppler Yeo Shan Rui can't get enough of the pricey but decadent Cold Stupid Ramen ($68), topped with uni, ikura, amaebi, lobster, king crab and truffle. "As we didn't mix it up, it create complexity with every bite."

Photo by Burppler Thiam Peng Tan

For Authentic Tonkotsu
Kanada-Ya originated from the city of Yukuhashi and specialises in authentic tonkotsu. All noodles are made on-site with a special machine that uses a very specific brand of flour, and the rich broth is boiled painstakingly for 18 hours. Burppler Beks Lin says "The broth was creamy and full of flavour and the combination of a well-seasoned hanjuku egg, noodles done well and a myriad of other delicious ingredients made this THE bowl of ramen to have."

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka
Photo by Burppler Wei Zhi Chiang

For Heavenly Pork Cheeks
The robust tonkotsu broth, springy thin noodles and tender chashu easily make Santouka one of Singapore's best places for ramen. Go for the Shio (salt-based) version of the Pork Cheek (Tokusen Toroniku, $22) Ramen, the real star being the pork cheek braised to perfection and served in perfect slices, it is so tender it's been compared to Toro, or fatty tuna. It is no wonder the queues are so long.

Sanpoutei Ramen (Holland Village)
Photo by Burppler on the hunt for gud fud

For Unique Ramen Broth
Boasting tasty ramen in the bustling Holland Village, Sanpoutei sets itself apart from most other ramen restaurants through its unique clear signature stock, made with a mixture of vegetables, chicken, pork bone and two kinds of dried sardines imported directly from Japan. What's more, their noodles are made in-house with a special noodle-making machine. Burppler on the hunt for gud fud recommends the classic Tonkotsu ramen ($17) with a thick broth that's "very flavourful and hearty." What's more, the "chashu was really tender and delicious, with the charred flavour from the torching coming through nicely."

Ramen Nagi
Photo by Burppler Gerald Chua

For Black Ramen
Ramen Nagi is the award-winning ramen chain from Tokyo with 20 outlets spread across Asia. If you are someone who likes a strong punch, Burppler Tiffany Lim recommends the signature Black King ($15.90) which has a "thick and strong garlic taste within the silky broth, finishing off with chashu, minced pork and black sesame." Special mention goes to the Gyoza ($7.50), which Burppler Carmen Chan says is "small and crispy! The Sweet radish sauce was also really good."