Burpple Beyond Deals: Wow Wow West!

Guzman y Gomez (Serene Centre): 20% Off Online Orders (save ~$3)
Photo by Guzman y Gomez | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2023

For Mexican Staples 
Craving Mexican fare? Get a load of Guzman Y Gomez’s comforting staples! This includes their Burritos ($11 for regular), Burrito Bowls ($11 for regular), Tacos (3 for $11.70), and Enchiladas ($15.20 for regular). So what are you waiting for? Immerse in the GYG experience today!

Fatburger & Buffalo's (The Star Vista): 1-For-1 Buffalo's Menu (Ala Carte) (save ~$10)
Photo by Fatburger & Buffalo's | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2023

For The Fattest Burgers
Fatburger recommends you hold their burgers with both hands; that’s how hefty and juicy they are! What’s more, every meal is made to order as you like it. You can go for either the Single ($9.50), Double ($13.50), Triple ($17.50) or the Quad ($21.50) depending on how hungry you are. All burgers come loaded with fresh condiments such as lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard, relish, onions, and pickles.

Domino's Pizza (Jurong East): 1-For-1 Regular Classic Pizza (save ~$27.90)
Photo by Domino's Pizza | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2023

For Pizza With New York Crusts
Domino’s Pizza certainly needs no introduction. The international fast food pizza chain is renown for their New York crusts that are hand stretched from fresh dough and of course, their signature sauce which is made from fresh vine-ripened tomatoes. You simply can’t go wrong with their classic Pepperoni Pizza!

Common Grill by COLLIN'S (308 Clementi): 1-For-1 Chicken & Shroom Aglio Olio with Forest Mushroom Soup (~save $12.90)  
Photo by Common Grill | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2023

For Delicious Grilled Meats & Pasta 
Premium Western food chain Common Grill by COLLIN’S® has an extensive menu of delicious grilled meats and pasta dishes that are guaranteed to satisfy! Try their Chicken & Shroom Aglio Olio with Forest Mushroom Soup ($12.90) and you'll be in for a hearty meal.

Saveur Thai (West Coast Drive): 1-For-1 Mains (Mon-Thu) (save ~$18)
Photo by Saveur Thai | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2023

For Authentic Thai Flavours
Savour an authentic taste of Thai cuisine at Saveur Thai! Get their signature Tom Yum Seafood Red Soup ($8.90) while dining there—you truly can’t go wrong with this classic hot and sour soup.

Sakae Sushi (Tradehub 21): 1-For-1 Curry Don (save ~ $15.50)
Photo by Sakae Sushi | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2023 

For Japanese Food Enthusiasts 
Every Japanese food enthusiast has probably been to Sakae Sushi at some point! But if you haven’t already tried their Gyuniku Curry Don ($17.10) yet, you should totally give it a shot. This savoury dish comes with a delectable Japanese curry, tender sliced beef, and steamed rice.

Indian Curry House (Bukit Timah): 1-For-1 Main Dish (~save $20) 
Photo by Indian Curry House | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2023 

For Spice-Laden Dishes 
Craving Indian food? Head to Indian Curry House for just that! They've got all sorts of delicious spice-laden dishes available on their menu. Some recommended dishes include the Mama Mia Mutton ($17.90) which comes with tender mutton chunks in a thick tomato-based gravy and the Prawn Mirch Masala ($17.90) that's bound to be a hit with seafood lovers.

British Indian Curry Hut: 1-For-1 Curries (~save $28) 
Photo by Burppler Ivan Teh | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2023 

For Amazing Indian Curries 
Located at Holland Village is British Indian Curry Hut which is better known for their amazing Indian curries! If you happen to be in the area, you should most definitely try out their Chicken Tikka Masala ($16.90) which comes with large chunks of tender boneless chicken that's been marinated in yogurt and roasted in the tandoor oven before being immersed in a thick and rich curry gravy comprising of tomato and spices. Add on other dishes like the Butter Chicken ($21.50), Kadai Prawn ($24), and Lamb Chop Masala ($28) and you'll be in for a feast!

Shi Zhi Wei Kitchen 食之味 (Clementi): 1-For-1 Mains (Mon-Thu) (~save $15) 
Photo by Shi Zhi Wei Kitchen | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2023 

For Wonderful Seafood Dishes 
Established in 2014, Shi Zhi Wei Kitchen is a Zi Char eatery which offers a wide variety of seafood and claypot dishes prepared in a variety of ways. No matter the occasion, there's always something for everyone here as their extensive menu caters to customers with various palates. Make sure you try crowd favourites like the Butter Crab (market price), Cereal Prawn ($18 for small, $24 for medium, $32 for large), and the Assam Fish Head ($26 for small, $28 for large). These wonderful seafood dishes will leave you wanting more!

The Voice . Taiwanese Cuisine (Fairprice Hub): 1-For-1 Main Dish (~save $6) 
Photo by The Voice Taiwanese Cuisine | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2023 

For Tasty Taiwanese Bowls 
Looking classic Taiwanese staples in Singapore? Check out The Voice for their wide selection of authentic Taiwanese cuisine! Their signature dishes include the Braised Pork Rice Bento ($5.80) and the Pork Intestine Mee Sua ($5.80). Pair these bowls with sides like the Chicken Cutlet ($4.80), Braised Pork Belly Bun ($3.80), and Popcorn Chicken ($4.80) and you'll be all set.