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Food Fortunes for the Year of the Rat

Learn what the year has in store for your bellies! Heed these suggestions and it will be an enjoyable food year for you.

Eat Adventurously

2020 is the year for taking chances and exploring the vast world of food. Be open to trying new things and you will be greatly rewarded.

dragonchamberPhoto by Burppler Joe Yang 

The Dragon Chamber : Dragon Claw ($55)
“Singapore farmed crocodile foot braised in herbal sauce served on a bed of kale! I didn’t dare eat the gooey, gelatinous skin but had quite a lot of crocodile meat! It has the same exact texture as KFC chicken, with lots of herbal soup flavour.”
-Burppler Rachel T

Le Bon Funk: Beef Tongue Sammy ($24)
“I swear we nearly collapsed in ecstasy over the insane deliciousness of that pile of quiveringly soft beef tongue..injected every couple of hours with brine, the flavour and tenderness of it is to-die-for. A generous dollop of gribiche (hard-boiled egg dressing) and housemade brioche complete this fantastic ensemble. A must-must-must order.”
-Burppler Veronica Phua 

Izakaya Niningashi: Shirako and Ankimo in Ponzu sauce ($19.80)
“Strangely, God made fish reproductive fluids extremely tasty...an overload of blissful silky creaminess, coloured by piquant notes of ponzu. Whereas the Ankimo was decadently rich, flavourful and, whilst not quite melt-in-mouth, swished about my mouth with a luxurious buttery texture.”
-Burppler Evan Mua

Eat Healthy

Don’t take your health for granted. Be mindful of what you put in your body and treat it well! Eat more balanced meals is an investment in your future wellbeing.

supergreekPhoto by Burppler SG Food On Foot

Kitchen by Food Rebel : Vegan Sweet Potato & Chickpea Buddha Bowl ($19)
“This Buddha bowl is nourishing, tasty and great for eating clean! Sweet potato cubes, quinoa, spiced chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, rocket, avocado-tofu mash and beetroot hummus all come together for a yummy lunch. Love that it's gluten-free too!”
-Burppler Leigh Khoo

The Living Cafe: Barramundi Brown Rice Bowl ($18)
“The barramundi is very fresh and cooked just right. To add flavor to this rice bowl, it comes with 2 sauces on the side - pesto sauce and gazapo sauce (some sort of mexican tasting tomato sauce)...Overall, a very wholesome and yummy rice bowl. Will come back again for more!”
-Burppler Rachel Ang

Supergreek: Flamed Grilled Steak ($13.90)
“Flamed grilled steak, arugula, lettuce, roasted broccoli, roasted sweet potato, hummus, tzatziki (so much love for this), parsley, Greek vinaigrette, sunflower seeds. Order a grain bowl so that it fills you up! Steak was medium-rare...it was perfectly cooked. The bowl had individual flavors that were distinct but melded together in perfect harmony.”
-Burppler Nelson Tan

Eat Cheese

What better time than the year of the rat to get to know your cheeses? When presented with opportunities to try unique cheeses, say “yes” and ask for more. 

cheesearkPhoto by - Burppler Smitten Angel

The Cheese Ark: Cheese Platter For One (from $31.60)
“The owner sources from a curated selection of European artisan cheesemongers, so you'll always find cheeses you can't get from supermarkets or even gourmet cheese shops at Dempsey. A tasting usually comprises of an omakase platter of 8 cheeses, with a couple of bucks worth of fruits and nuts. Just say what you like, or be challenged to try new flavors.”
-Burppler Smitten Angel

The Cheese Artisans: Fromager’s Cheeseboard ($27)
“I really love most of the cheeses I tried, whether they're fresh cheese, soft cheese or hard cheese. Some are mild, some more intense, some more milky, some had an aged taste, but they all taste more refined. If I've to name my favorite cheese that evening, it would be the Truffle Camembert.”
-Burppler Justin Teo

Olivia Restaurant: Creamy Homemade Cheesecake ($14)
“...this was fantastic. Oozy, incredibly creamy with distinct blue cheese flavour, on a buttery crust. Didn’t feel too heavy nor jelak. Loved it!”
-Burppler Zhihui Lim


Year of the Rat 2020 Speculations

At the start of the year, expect a gain in weight from pineapple tarts, a drop in your bank account, some family gossip and extreme heat and humidity. Once you’re over that hump, all will be well. Happy Lunar New Year, Burpplers — we wish you and your families good health, longevity, peace and togetherness.