Guide To Eating Your Way In Ampang

The community of Ampang is becoming a sought-after area for restaurants. Dining options in the neighbourhood are increasingly diverse, running the gamut from traditional to fusion food. Though there are still plenty of casual eating spots and family-friendly establishments, the neighbourhood also boasts some sophisticated dining options; use this handy guide to this growing neighbourhood.

Taiwan Noodle House

Taiwan Noodle house Photo By Taiwan Noodle House

This outlet, located on the second floor of Ampang Point Shopping Centre, serves mostly beef dishes with rice or noodles for RM 13.50, with a limited beverage menu and no set menu. The guests are mostly from various walks of life. Because it is a medium-sized outlet, there is plenty of seating. The beef meat portion is quite large for beef noodle soup, which is excellent.

Supreme BBQ Club

SBC Photo By Supreme BBQ Club

Supreme Barbecue Club is one of the newest Korean restaurants on the scene. Make your way to this halal joint, which debuted on the food scene earlier this year, for some mouthwatering Korean BBQ and sink your teeth into lamb char siew, smoked duck, and wagyu flank steak! If you're looking for a change from the meats, they even have seafood on the menu. Whatever you choose, you're sure to have a yummy great time here with friends and family.

VCR Ritchie VCR Photo By VCR Ritchie

VCR continues to expand, this time by the new emergence of VCR Ritchie in Ampang. This location serves curry laksa, a first for VCR, in addition to the usual coffee and cafe-style fares such as Wagyu cheeseburger and pesto. The interior is modern and elegant, as expected, with a slightly more swanky charm.

Fine Coffee and Flowers Fine Coffee Photo By Fine Coffee & Flower

The Fine Coffee and Flowers menu is small, but it's worth it, especially for the desserts. Our favourite is the Flourless Chocolate Gateaux, which is light but packed with chocolatey flavours. If you're still hungry, Fine Coffee and Flowers has a small but mighty menu of hot food that's hearty and delicious. Try their grilled cheese and tomato soup. It's like a hug on a plate.

Brix Brix Photo By Brix

If you appreciate restaurants that use locally grown ingredients, make a note of Brix, which uses local beef, freshwater lobster from Hulu Langat, organic chicken from Nilai, and other ingredients in its modern European-inspired menu. Brix is led by chef Rexxa Iskandar, who spent 15 years honing his craft in New York and Singapore before returning to Malaysia. The open kitchen promises a clear sneak peek into the team's cooking.

B Station B Station Photo By B Station

The restaurant, owned by a South Korean family, has been open since last year but remains a hidden gem. The owner wishes to introduce authentic Korean cuisine, particularly to Muslims. The best part is that their dishes are extremely reasonably priced, ranging from RM 10 to RM 20 for main courses. We recommend the Seafood Soft Beancurd Soup, which is loaded with seafood and tofu. While traditional Tangsuyuk is made with pork, the owners have decided to substitute chicken. For those who can handle spicy food, there are also Jajampong-spicy seafood noodles, Tteoppoki, Fired hot chicken, and Cheese Buldak noodles.

Tim Teapot Terrace Cafe Tim Teapot Photo By Tim teapot Terrace Cafe

Tim's Teapot Terrace is a restaurant in Melawati. The unassuming exterior of the cafe will beckon with its cheerful plants and the cakes and teapots displayed in the window, tucked away along the calmer Lorong Perak amidst the busyness of all the shop lots in the neighbourhood. It's no surprise that Cream Tea is a popular menu item at the cafe. It includes two homemade scones with jam and homemade clotted cream on the side, as well as tea and coffee. The tea menu, by the way, is quite comprehensive! They serve British Whittard tea, including the classic English Breakfast Tea, Golden Chamomile, Blueberry Rooibos, and Peppermint.

D'Izakaya By Chef Azri D'izakaya Photo By D'Izakaya By Chef Azri

D'Izakaya, where chef Azri Che Ishak has the chops to execute the balance of flavours and textures that holds the key to reimagining, has been a smashing success. Diehards may scoff, but cuisine should not remain static. Other standouts at this Japanese fusion tapas spot include torched salmon belly nigiri sushi with a citrus sauce that melts in your mouth, as well as teppan-style beef blanketed in mentaiko sauce for a sweet-savoury kick and topped with edible flowers for visual impact.

Best Coconut Shake Best Coconut Photo By Best Coconut Shake

This is truly one of the most hidden gems in Ampang. Best Coconut Shake truly lives up to its name! Located at Taman Dato' Ahmad Razali. This Coconut Shake is the best to enjoy during a hot day! Order the Coconut Shake Biasa (RM4) and you'll be surprised by how the taste of coconut and its sweetness of it!

Back Alley Pasta Back Alley Photo By Back Alley Pasta

The exquisite taste of Italian cuisine has exploded in popularity. If you're a pasta lover or merely looking for some authentic Italian foods for your tastebuds, Back Alley Pasta is the place to go. Back Alley Pasta, tucked away in the Ampang landscape, promises a true taste of Italian cuisine. Everything here is handmade, including the artisanal pasta, which is made to provide the best Italian dining experience possible.

Just Sear Just Sear Photo By Just Sear

Want a high-quality but reasonably priced steak meal? You can't seem to find a halal restaurant that cooks your steak to perfection? Or do you simply lack the time to prepare your meal? Don't worry, Just Sear got you covered! By eliminating the middleman, sourcing directly from suppliers, and selling directly to consumers, Just Sear has made eating premium steaks more affordable, allowing many more hungry carnivores to enjoy the indulgence of a good steak.