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Say Cheese(cake)!

You now have 12 cheesy reasons to smile. Here’s a round-up of places to get your cheesecake fix in Singapore.

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Fun fact: the beloved, indulgent cheesecake we know today claimed its fame at the 776BC Olympic Games as a Grecian post-game delicacy — who would've thought? From the crumbly New York style to wobbly Jap-souffle ones, to baked cheesecakes of Basque, the cake has evolved into various 'species', each just as delightful as the next. Crave a taste? Here are 13 great places to get your cheesecake fix.

Wildseed Café (The Summerhouse)

For Tropical Cheesecakes in Seletar


Photo by Burppler Cheryl Ng

Round the girls and your furry counterparts (yes, dogs are allowed!) up for tea in a lush colonial setting surrounded by flora and fauna. Have a slice or two of their Citronella Passionfruit Cheesecake ($7.50) that pairs extremely well with a piping hot Pot of Tea ($8) or a glass of Unsweetened Iced Tea ($6). P.s Save some space for their fragrant Coconut Pea Flower Shortcake too!

Chezcake Bistro

For Alcohol-infused Cheesecakes


Photo by Burppler Vivienne L

Have a mate’s birthday coming up but unsure of what cake to buy? Pop by this cosy spot in Joo Chiat that boasts a wide selection of cheesecakes — slices ($7.50), whole ($35 for ½ kg) and whole ($65 for 1 kg) options are available. These light versions carry a hint of alcohol, must-try flavours include the Lychee Martini, Chocolate Baileys and Kahlua with Chocolate Chips.

Cake Spade

For a Vegan-friendly Cheesecake in Tanjong Pagar


Photo by Burppler nic x

This quaint, cotton candy-coloured hole-in-the-wall along is easy to spot in the row of shophouses near Duxton. If not— come anyways for cake and tea in Try their Strawberry Tofu Cheesecake ($6.90) for a nicely balanced treat with a lightly salted biscuit crust. Also good is the super rich Speculoos Cheesecake ($7.90) with caramel and ginger accents. Wash it down with the sinfully sweet Creme Brulee Cappuccino ($7.50) or a delicate floral Pink Flamingo Tea ($7).

Cat and the Fiddle

For An Assortment of Premium Cheesecakes


Photo by Burppler Tasty Tested

Predominantly an online store selling premium cheesecakes in a wide variety of flavours, Cat and the Fiddle also has a flagship store in Clarke Quay. Unique flavours include the Lychee Martini Cheesecake ($6.90) and the Maneki Neko, a lusciously creamy cheesecake topped with a tangy lemon and yuzu glaze. For group gatherings, opt for a whole cake in ten different flavours ($48.90) — everyone gets to choose a flavour! Pro tip: Burppler serene goh recommends freezing your cheesecakes before eating for extra oomph! Psst. Forgot to buy a cake for a birthday? They offer 24/7 same-day delivery and pick-up.

Txa Pintxo Bar

For Authentic Basque Burnt Cheesecake


Photo by Burppler Eunice Sng

Note this down as your go-to spot for date night. Tucked away in the newly refurbished Alkaff Mansion, think intimate conversations over small plates and cocktails. Of course, a dinner date is not complete without dessert. While it isn't the prettiest dessert, the Tarta de Queso “La Viña” ($4.90) truly is a must-order. This Basque dessert comes with caramelised and almost burnt edges, a spongy exterior, and an oozy, irresistible cheese centre.   Pair it with their version of Sangria, Tinto De Pintxos ($18), and you’re golden!

The Kins’

For Affordable Oozy Burnt Cheesecake


Photo by Burppler Michell Devina

Worth a trip to the west is this hot new cafe in Pasir Panjang with good coffee and better cheesecakes. Featured is their light and fluffy Burnt Cheesecake ($7.50) which contrasts the cheesy, soft, moist centre with a slightly charred top. Wash it down with a Matcha Latte ($6) or a spicy Turmeric Latte ($5).

Olivia Restaurant & Lounge

For Premium Homemade Cheesecake in Keong Saik


Photo by Burppler Dex Neo

With exposed brick and hand painted ceramic wall art, this cozy restaurant is ideal for special occasions. Their open kitchen is situated in the center of the room, so you are almost guaranteed an immersive, real Catalonian dining experience. Every bit worth the hype is Olivia’s Creamy Homemade Cheesecake ($14 a slice, $80 for the whole cake). Think liquid gold — a delectable blend of cream and blue cheese — pooling around an almond tart base to create a truly addictive, decadent dessert we can’t get enough of.

Kiroi Freshly Baked Cheese Cake (Alexandra)

For Cheap and Good Souffle Cheesecake


Photo by Burppler Xing Wei Chua

The souffle craze has hit our shores and brought in with it an influx of souffle-centred desserts. However, before all that, this bakery in Alexandra has been doling out platters of light and fluffy cheesecake. Good for sharing is their Kiroi Japanese Cheese Cake ($8) — a moist and light cake that somehow boasts a rich fullness in every bite. These pillowy treats are best consumed warm!

Lucia Cakes

For Well-Balanced Berry Cheesecakes


Photo by Burppler PeanutLoti PB Sandwich

To fully enjoy Lucia’s collection of cakes, look to their online store as the cakes may not always be available. If you’re in the vicinity of Club Street and you’ve made sure to ring them up to check if they are open (Tue-Sat, 10am-7pm), their Ombre Berry Cheesecake ($6/slice, $45/whole) will make the hassle worth your while. With no added food colouring, this light mousse-like cheesecake is a dream set atop a biscuit base.

Lynn’s Cakes & Coffee

For Decadent Chocolate Halal Cheesecakes


Photo by Burppler Sze Qi Wong

Jot this simple yet cosy Bukit Timah cafe down for when those pesky chocolate cravings hit. Two awesome things rolled into one, the cheese and chocolate work in perfect harmony to produce delightful Belgian Chocolate Cheesecake ($8) that is a feast for the eyes and the palate.    

Chocolat N' Spice (Shunfu Mart)

For Foolproof ‘Grab n Go’ Raspberry Cheesecake

cheesecake-chocolat n spice

Photo by Burppler Victoria Hii

Pop by this no-frills bakery around Upper Thomson for a quick and easy cheesecake fix. Get their Raspberry Cheesecake ($3.80 for a slice, $30 for a whole cake) that sees a fluffy layer of cream cheese atop a moist sponge base. The cake is garnished with tons of fresh raspberries that adds a nice zesty touch. While you’re there, try their airy and flavourful Black Sesame Chiffon Cake ($2.2.0) as well.


For 1-for-1 Desserts on Tras Street


Photo by Burppler Dorothy Lim

Swing by after work with some colleagues and kick back with some sugary treats in this elegant cafe in Tanjong Pagar. The star of the show is their C3 Cheesecake ($9.90), a triple chocolate cheesecake with salted dark chocolate cookie and a white chocolate cheesecake center, topped with Dulcey Whipped Ganache. If you prefer something lighter, get the zesty Yuzu Strawberry Cake ($9.90) for an interesting take on the good ol’ sponge cake.