The Best Way to Enjoy Mookata in Singapore

Despite the hot weather, Singaporeans just can’t seem to stay away from mookata, and for good reason. Having mookata for group gatherings and late-night supper makes for an affordable and fun dining experience that not only fills your stomach but also delights your taste buds!

We've put together a guide to help you truly enjoy this Thai cooking method, as well as a list of amazing mookata restaurants in Singapore to dine at with your friends and family.

Best Way to Enjoy Mookata:

1. Choose your favourite ingredients

Most mookata restaurants allow you to choose your own ingredients. While some may prefer to get their platters, it’s best to take your own pick to get the best mookata experience. Many restaurants even offer buffet-style dining, allowing you to get an unlimited refill of your favourite ingredients. Choosing your favourite vegetables, meat or seafood allows you to indulge in what you love without wasting anything.

2. Cook the pork fat and let it melt

Mookata uses pork fat instead of oil in their barbecue. Allow the pork fat to melt onto the grill to grease the surface for easier grilling, and to bring out the aromatic flavours in each ingredient.

3. Try out all the sauces

Most mookata restaurants offer a variety of sauces to choose from. Some sauces are vinegary, while others are spicy. Instead of sticking to the sauces you’re most familiar with, give every one of them a try. Each sauce is suitable for different ingredients so testing all of them will elevate your mookata experience.

4. Make use of both the grill and the pot of broth

Cook your vegetables and other processed foods, such as fish balls, in the broth, and grill other items such as your meat and seafood. You can also cook your meat in the soup before grilling it for extra flavour.

Mookata Places To Dine At: 

Siam Square Mookata Golden Mile Tower

For Unlimited Ingredients
Siam Square Mookata is a popular mookata chain with locations all across Singapore. In their ala carte menu, most ingredients are priced under $5, with some premium items costing more. Opt for their buffet menu at $29 per person to enjoy unlimited refills on all your favourite ingredients.

Bangkok Street Mookata

For Budget-Friendly Platters
Another popular mookata chain, Bangkok Street Mookata, has multiple outlets across Singapore. While they do not provide buffet options, you can still enjoy a variety of food at reasonable prices, thanks to their platter options. Their platter for two costs $22 and includes a small selection of ingredients, whereas their platter for four costs $39, and includes a larger selection of meat, seafood, vegetables, and mushrooms.

Aroy Mak Mookata

For A Wide Selection of Ingredients
Aroy Mak Mookata on MacPherson Road is better known for their Chiang Rai-style mookata. Ala carte items begin at $1.80 per portion, with a buffet option starting at $22.80 per person. Choose from 50+ items on their menu and indulge in your favourite items without any GST or service charges. Private dining can also be arranged in their VIP room, simply call to reserve!

Lukhon Thai

For Halal Mookata
Lukhon Thai is a halal mookata stall located in Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre. This is quite hard to come by as most mookata restaurants in Singapore serve pork lard as well as other non-halal meats. Items are priced under $5 per portion, or you can get a platter combo at $26.80 for two or $45 for four.

Craving some mookata right now? Head down to any of the mookata restaurants we’ve listed for some delicious food and quality time with your loved ones.

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