Top Korean Egg Drop Restaurants in Manila

The Korean Egg drop phenomenon has been growing rapidly in recent years.

They seem to have found the holy grail of Filipino cuisine for egg drop: a sweetened mayonnaise, sometimes spiced with sriracha, brioche bread, eggs, and meat. Not only are we dying to try these incredible Korean egg drops, but we know you are too, so let's go ahead now and check these top five Korean Egg Drop Restaurants!

Egg Drop MNL

Photo By Egg drop Mnl

Among the first businesses to provide these sandwiches, Egg Drop MNL was an instant success. It can be found at Kapiligan St, 1113 Quezon City, Philippines. The prices on their menu, which range from 100 pesos to 200 pesos, are also very reasonable and suitable for folks who are looking for a perfect budget-friendly meal. The fact that Pinoys are flocking to Egg Drop MNL for their delicious egg drops is likewise not shocking at all because we can highly guarantee that it’s a 10/10. Grilled chicken pesto, beef teriyaki, crispy fish fillet, the hangover sandwich, dynamite, euphoria, and anpanman are just some of the highlights of the incredible cuisine. If you’re also in the mood for something out of the ordinary, then the Beef Bulgogi (P135) at Egg Drop MNL is a Korean-style breakfast that is perfect for you! It is a burrito stuffed with 100% tender beef strips, egg, and bulgogi sauce for a sweet and savory bite. Beef Teriyaki (P135), which is influenced by Japanese cuisine and is sweet, is another option. Visit them to satisfy your insatiable craving for egg drops! 


Photo By Momo

At Momo, you can order one of four different kinds of Korean egg drop sandwiches, all of which are named after well-known cities in South Korea. They can be found at Granada Street corner Santolan, Quezon City. Among the highlights of the Momo menu are the Gwangju (PHP160) sandwich, which is made with premium bacon and corn; the Busan (PHP160) sandwich, stuffed with tuna and tomato; the Jeju (PHP170) sandwich, which contains premium ham and avocado; and the Seoul (PHP180) sandwich, with SPAM, mango, and nori in it. 

Sunny Side Manila

Photo By Sunny Side Manila

Without a doubt! When considering the best Korean Drop Egg Restaurants, Sunny Side Manila simply cannot be ignored. They are located in New Manila.  And, If you're craving seafood, then this one is for you! They offer a Soft Shell Crab Egg Drop Sandwich (P289). Their egg-drop sauce, fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and tender scrambled eggs all make for a delicious meal, but the highlight is the deep-fried whole soft-shell crabs, which add a salty crunch to the dish. They also offer five variations on the Korean-inspired egg drop sandwich: Ham-Egg (P149), Bacon-Egg (P159), Garlic Bacon Egg (P179), Spam Egg (P179), and Beef Bulgogi (P179) (P189). Special egg drop sauce is served on the side of each sandwich served on a buttery brioche bun. That being said, why delay? Fasten your seat belt and hurry over here! 

Smash Buns

Photo By Smash Buns

If you're looking for a place to satisfy your craving for Korean Egg Drop, look no further than Quezon City. They're capable of convincing you that you're actually in Seoul! Smash Buns can be found right in here—City of Stars! It's not surprising that they're a local favorite after perusing their menu—Considering that nobody can say no to eggs and Spam, the Double Spam Cheese Toast (P120) is a safe bet. Beef Bulgogi Sunny Side Up (P125) and California-style Avocado Ham Toast are also must-tries (P120). The only thing you need to do to give it a try is filling out their order form.

Egg Stop (Sta Rosa)

Photo By Egg Stop

Egg Stop Sta Rosa is also another crowd's favorite. It can be found at #38A F. Gomez St., Kanluran, Santa Rosa City, Laguna. One look at their vibrantly yellow feed will show you why they already have 3,000 Facebook followers despite being new to the scene. Korean Chicken Egg Drops, Hungarian Sausage, and Sweet and Spicy Korean Egg Drops are just a few of the delicious options on the menu. If you want to get in on the trend, you better get moving!