YunYun X ZongZong Eats 👸🏻🤴🏻

YunYun X ZongZong Eats 👸🏻🤴🏻

Food I ate with my loved one 🥰 Tastes twice as delicious 😛 Watch this space for our wonderful food adventures!
yummy yun
yummy yun

So good. Fried rice has wok hei!!! Gyoza is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The seafood version is damn good too with the sauce. 😍

Bf and I ordered 1x 2 course and 1x 3 course set lunch. For starters, we ordered falafel and the duck soup. The former is a MUST - it’s crunch, healthy and filled w veggies! Duck soup was meh - Chinese restaurants can do it better. For mains, we ordered the chicken and salmon. The latter is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Salmon just melts in your mouth and is so fatty and juice, with the rice that taste like briyani??? The chicken came with a nice dipping sauce on the side but the veggies was too salty - not recommended at all. Finally we had the chocolate mango cake for dessert. One of the best cakes I’ve ever eaten in my life - nicely presented too 🥰

The views were amazing, if possible when you are making a reservation, request for the window seat facing MBS :) Although the food came on a big plate typical of fine dining restaurants, we were left feeling really full and couldn’t finish all of it. The service is good as they gave a free birthday cake as a surprise celebration.🎂

Presentation was 10/10. Their lattes are good too! The whole place was decorated beautifully (fake trees that had orange leaves 🍁) like those hipster cafes in Seoul.

went there during Deepavali and sadly burpple 1-1 doesn’t work on public holidAys!!! The Hawaiian pizza is a MUST order cuz it was so delicious and cheesy. Pancakes were filling w plenty of sides too :)

They are known for their raw egg rice bowl! Pretty affordable. But abit jelat after awhile 🤪 still a must try for once!!!

Really good but cream sauce was abit too watery. Kind of reminds me of coco ichiban ya!

First time trying açai and OMg it’s FCKING cold!!! The fruits were very fresh and paired nicely with the crunchy nuts. We got the medium sized supermodel and iron man bowls. Loved the latter, the former not so much as the strawberry was a tad bit sour. Got the iced mocha and signature white coffee. Again, loved the latter, the former not so much as it was bitter. Great first try, really healthy and worth it with burpple beyond!!

Oh and the 1-1 deal doesn’t cover the smoothie, only teas and coffees🌟


First Harry Potter themed cafe in Sg! Definitely recommend booking a reservation cuz the crowd on Sunday was packed. 100% recommend the cream chicken pasta and pan seared salmon main dish. Worth it with Burpple beyond! 😍 their signature black chocolate cake ($7.50?) was great and a must try as well. Regretting getting the $10 butterscotch ale drink as it was too sweet 🤣 will definitely come back to try their other mains, cakes and coffee!!!

So oishi!!! Can totally taste the wokhei and oil. The pork (or chicken?) chop was also super savoury and delicious. Decently priced for the quality but the wait was ridiculous - 40mins to an hour long during peak hour!

Really love obba jjajang wish I could eat it every week!😍ordered the set B ($35+) that comes with 1x jjampong, 1x jjajangmyeon and 1x chicken side dish drizzled in delicious sauce. Noodles are thick and super generous with their portions. Spicy seafood soup packs a punch but I love their JJM the most. Always craving for this.

Seriously the best thing about Singapore is it’s food 🤤🇸🇬 (2018-2021 reviews)

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