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Shishito Chili Chicken East Asia Shishito Pepper Chicken Drumsticks (2 pcs), Garlic Potato Buns, Yoghurt Dip. From the new Apollo Coffee Bar; the latest concept by the same folks behind Atlas Coffeehouse, Lunar Coffee Brewers and Colombus Coffee Co. which had taken up one of the two units previously taken up by Pow Sing Restaurant at Serangoon Gardens. Open all day, Apollo Coffee Bar's menu features brunch dishes, as well as small and large sharing plates; some dishes being favourites brought over from Atlas Coffeehouse, though there are quite a number of new items on the menu as well. Seemingly taking inspiration from the classic Nashville Hot Chicken, the Shishito Chili Chicken here is their own twist with an Asian fusion. Instead of featuring fried chicken drenched in a spicy hot sauce, the variant here features what seemed to be roast chicken with a East Asia Shishito Pepper spice rub; the result is a moderately spicy, savoury flavour that provides much of the flavours of the entire dish — the chicken coming with a slightly crusty skin whilst being juicy, tender and succulent. Those who are not so tolerant to spiciness can consider dipping the chicken into the yoghurt dip; more like a sour cream in terms of flavour, it helps to neutralise the spiciness and add a creaminess to the chicken — eliminating the heat from the spice rub itself. While Nashville Hot Chicken usually comes with sliced commercially-produced bread, this came with Garlic Potato Buns; almost akin to that of those local bakery buns served with Hainanese Western cuisine, the buns were toasted for a slight crusiness on the outside, but still soft, fluffy and pillowy within; very light and perfumes of garlicky fragrance. Pretty heartening to see how Atlas Coffeehouse (or even to a degree, Assembly Coffee) had grown over the years, becoming the multi-concept name that still constantly delivers over the years — pretty much explains why it had, and still is drawing crowds into their cafes all the while. A spot for avid cafe-hoppers to check out, and certainly a convenient location for Serangoon Garden residents to go for a delightful cup of coffee and quality brunch offerings.
Xing Wei
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Let me tell you a #dirtylittlesecret. After nine years (and still going damn strong), the #bestshitresturant in town is #stillnotdead. Yes, you heard me right, the least authentic Middle Eastern restaurant, Artichoke, led by the creative genius Chef Bjorn Shen, is still constantly revolutionizing the food and beverage scene based on strong beliefs and faith, without caring less of the norm. • The definite and right way of a proper dining experience at Artichoke is to start off with a bag of Turkish bread and a spread of mezzes. Mezzes are essentially a collection of small plates of food served as sharing appetizers to whet your appetite for the mains. What we have on the table are some of the mezzes that are new on the menu such as the Turkish Eggplant ($12), Sea Asparagus ($12) and Crab Toast ($16) while the Hummus with Iraqi Spiced Mushrooms ($14) is an improved version of the previous. The newly band of brothers are perfect to go alongside the Turkish bread, especially the hummus which is creamy, rich and just pure decadent; when paired with the abalone mushrooms that has been seasoned in Baharat, a thyme spice mixed of 7 spices, sautéed with olive oil and garlic. The more interesting dish is the Crab Toast whereby instead of a usual one-biter food, this is Artichoke’s version of a two-biter open-faced “sandwich”, made with blue swimmer crab that’s mixed with Greek yogurt and other ingredients before topped on housebaked brioche. The finishing touches of adding deep-fried chicken skin and ikura creates the differing texture and flavour. _________________ Artichoke Singapore Address: 161, Middle Road, Singapore 188978 _________________ #sgrestaurants #restaurantsg #exploresingapore #stfoodtrending #burpple #burpplesg #foreverhungry #sgfood #sgig #sgfoodies #instafood_sg #instasg #setheats #hungrygowhere #singaporeinsiders #foodstagram #foodphotography #instafood #buzzfeedfood #aworldtoeat #mediainvite #artichokesg
Thicc Hashbrown ($14++) H O S T E D I said this on my Instagram Story before and I will say it again here for digital posterity: The “Thicc Hashbrown” at Artichoke is the BEST everrrrrrr!! Think of it as Marche’s rosti that decided to hit the gym and after months of dedicated training, bulked up and nicely chiseled, then went for an intense suntanning session. The combination of the shredded potato in crisp and moist form, with sour cream, fresh thyme za’atar and chives, was so enormously addictive I actually gave up extra helpings of the grilled rump cut steak for it. That says everything.
My Favourite New Dish At Artichoke: Sea Asparagus (Price: $12++) MEDIA TASTING For some reason, this dish of Sea Asparagus has taken up permanent residence in my head ever since I had a taste of it. I must admit, I didn’t expect to get so hung up on the innocuous looking thing but the taste of those scallion oil-tossed briney, crunchy and succulent strands from the salt marshes of Israel with creamy labneh, pickled garlic slices, freshly ground black pepper and buckwheat is something I can’t forget. A trip back to Artichoke needs to happen soon I reckon.
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Oh my, How could i resist? This was one of my favourite under their family of cruffin flavours in store! 💜💜💜💜💜 • [NEW‼️‼️‼️] 💁🏻‍♀️ 1️⃣ Purple sweet potato cruffin: SGD5 🍠 - Crispy and flaky on the outside, generously filled with their homemade sweet potato paste. I thought the flavour was quite distinctive - (Good thing here it wasn’t sweet!) There was no denying in it’s deliciousness. PS: Please consider making this permanent on the menu 🙇🏻‍♀️☺️ • You are NOT going to want to miss out on these sweet treats - A pastry cabinet that will make your jaw drop and your mouth salivate, make your way to: Keong Saik Bakery
41 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089146📌📌📌 • #burpple
Matcha Cruffin I’ve been wanting to try this forever! I always go for the most recommended Sor-Hei bun (which is really good, by the way) but I finally got to try this cruffin. The croissant exterior was really crispy and buttery, and the matcha cream was rich-tasting and smooth.
Oh My Goodness Came here for the burnt cheese cake after seeing raving reviews on social media. We had the two face burnt cheese cake and it was indeed awesome! We also had the kopi susu (chinese style latte) which was something different but a double shot will be good too bad the staff doesn’t know what that mean. The place is a bit cramp and narrow not very comfortable to hang around for long. They do have some other bakeries up for grab and free wifi. Will certainly come back for the burnt cheese cake but probably to go.
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