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Featured In 2 Guides
Great Ambience Got the 2 pastas and tea set, with the truffle mushroom pasta and the mentaiko pasta as well as the earl grey tea and chamomile tea! The truffle mushroom pasta was great, though it was a little oily. For the mentaiko pasta, the small roe bits just bursting in your mouth adds another dimension to the dish! Overall great dishes, just that I preferred less thick noodles as they were a little difficult to pick up with my fork. Tea wise I preferred earl grey way more than chamomile as the taste was very mild for the chamomile, kind of tasting like water. But this would definitely be great for those who do not prefer strong tea taste! An added bonus to this place was the ambience and the lack of people which means you can enjoy your meals peacefully:)
[New Cafe in #BurppleBeyond] Hokkaido ($16). Ninja Bowl is now one of the partner cafes under the Burpple Beyond program. This means that you can now get 1 for 1 deals at Ninja Bowl, and at more than 100 partner cafes, restaurants and bars under the program. 🔸 The Burpple Beyond is free for off-peak membership, or only $9.90 per month for anytime-membership. This means that you only need to dine once a month and you'll save more than the $9.90. 🔸 Pictured is "Hokkaido", which is a rice bowl with tempura-battered fish fillet and soft shell crab with homemade chilli crab sauce and cabbage slew. It's also one of the new dishes at Ninja Bowl. 🔸 #foodphotography #exploresingapore #burpple #singaporeinsiders #eatoutsg #foodiegram #sgfood #foodsg #instasg #foodstagram #instafood #instafood_sg #brunchsg #f52grams #hungrygowhere #cafesg #dontbeafraidjustbeu #sgfoodblogger #vscofood #flatlay #sgig #flatlaysg #cafehoppingsg #eeeeeats #singapore #sgbrunch #japanesefood #brunch #chillicrab
We Couldn’t Wait To Rush Over For Their 1-for-1 Pasta & Tea Sets The moment we knew Ninja Bowl was available on #BurppleBeyond, a group of us made a beeline there for lunch. Shown above is one of the two sets we ordered - the Mushroom Truffle and Niku Ragu linguine (usual price: $14+ each) along with a cup of tea (usual price: $7+ for one). They offer 4 types and we chose the Earl Grey and Honey Yuzu which were lovely. The pastas got our immediate thumbs-up. Although cooked to a perfect al dente, they aren’t done in classic Italian style but modified to better suit local palates with a fusion twist. And without a doubt, hit the sweet spot they did. Whether you’re vegetarian or not, I think the Mushroom Truffle is a great choice. It’s very tasty with plenty of garlic and plump, juicy mushrooms that are infused with an irresistible smokiness. The Niku Ragu is a touch sweetish and a little richer. Adding an onsen egg for customers to stir in with the finely minced beef bolognaise braised in Japanese curry is just brilliant. Since we used #BurppleBeyond’s 1-for-1 deal, we ended up saving a pretty bundle.
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Featured In 2 Guides
Nothing beats a good burg Oh man, this was really, REALLY nice. I came by pretty late to order the truffled mushroom burger + fries for around $8-9 (forgot the exact price), and was legitimately a little surprised by how well it turned out. The patty is thick, savoury and juicy, and the mushrooms on top are like legit shimeji mushrooms, not the sliced button mushrooms you’re probably more familiar with. The fries were solid too, nicely chunky with a good bite to them, and they made for the perfect compliment. I really have to commend these guys; considering the meals they sell are easily double or triple the cost of everything else around, they’re still seeing a lot of traffic. Justifiably so, because it’s still a huge bargain for the quality you’re getting. Anywhere else, this would likely cost you easily $15++ or something like that. If you’re around, do check this out! I love that it’s halal too, because that means I can bring anyone else around. They’ve got a vegetarian option as well, so this is really a great way for everyone to come together over great burgers.
Classic Beef Burger Came here for a good burger and it did not disappoint!! 4.90 for a classic beef burger with fries was wortttttth it! The beef patty was juicy and flavourful. The bun was buttery. Its a burger that hits the spot. I was there at around 3pm and there was no queue. While ordering the cashier asked if I would like to upgrade my fries to the truffle cream fries and I said yes without knowing how much extra I would be charged 😂 To my surprise it was $3! 😳 The truffle cream fries was lackluster. The sauce tasted watered down and did not justify the price. The classic burger and fries cost $4.90 The double classic burger cost $7.40 So the extra beef patty cost $2.50 And the truffle cream sauce cost $3? Come here for their beef burgers but skip the fries trade up.
Review on 1) bacon & cheese burger ($6.50) and 2) nacho fish & chips burger ($5.90) Date visited: 1/5/2018 (Sat, 12:45pm). The long snaking queue hasn’t really formed yet. As you can see from the photos, the plain but light, fluffy toasted bun (hearsay from a bakery in Joo Chiat), is stamped with the Burgs logo. Niceeee! All burger orders come standard with a side of fries. Pricelist: Classic beef burger (Single; $4.50)/ (double; $7.00) Bacon & cheese burger (Single; $6.50)/ (double; $9.00) Hickory smoked beef brisket burger ($5.50) Barbequed chicken burger (Single; $5.50)/ (Double; $9.00) Tokyo fried chicken (Single; $5.00)/ (Double; $7.50) Nacho fish & chips burger ($5.90)/ (Double; $7.90) Photograph (Top row): Bacon & cheese burger The Australian beef patty is juicy yet tender. The beef bacon was slightly chewy, with a hint of savoury flavour signature of cured meat. The burger also comes with a house-made sauce, as well as a spiced nacho cheese sauce. Photograph (Bottom row): Nachos fish burger The fish burger also came with the same light and fluffy toasted bun stamped with their logo (just like the Bacon Cheese Burger ordered). The fried fish was juicy, yet crunchy and tasty, without being particularly greasy. It paired well with the spiced nacho cheese sauce. Both are great-tasting burgers! Will go back for more! 👍
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