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Chili Crab Pasta ($17.90) And Beef Suki Rice Bowl ($17.90)!!! 1 For 1 With Burpple Beyond!!😍 Y’know how cafes usually serve “chili crab pasta” as just pasta whipped up with a bit of chili? Well, you won’t get any of that substandard stuff here; their al dente noodles are bathed in an abundance of chili crab sauce that is loaded with shredded eggs and comprise a perfect balance of sweet and savory - an orthodox flavor that guarantees this dish’s status as a crowd pleaser. Contrary to its appearance, the soft shell crab - though browned more than usual - was actually just lightly battered, allowing the crab to steal the spotlight! The Beef Suki Rice Bowl was what you’d expect - nicely seared beef slices at medium doneness coupled with a jiggly sous vide egg. Though carrying the right amount of char in its flavour, the beef did feel a little tough on the outside - possibly due to a flat iron steak being used. Their signature homemade sauce was delish though, and added some oomph to the bed of rice!!😋
Great Spot For Brunch, Remember To Make Reservations!! Pork Katsu Toast ($17.90) And Eggs Benedict ($17.90) But 1-for-1 With Burpple Beyond!!😍 Can’t believe I’ve never set foot in this old skool kool cafe despite how my house is within walking distance?! And I have admittedly been missing out! Unlike other indie cafes that are usually found clustered in a cramped fashion, Wheeler’s Yard occupies an entire warehouse’s worth of space and is - simply put - unbelievably cavernous. Decked out in bicycles (yep, think whole bicycles hanging from walls, standing on tables) and biking related gear, the whole grungy aesthetic exudes chill vibes that one naturally settles into, creating the perfect spot for a laidback brunch. We got ourselves the Pork Katsu Toast and a quintessential brunch item, Eggs Benedict!! As always, hallelujah to the existence of #burpplebeyond with which we got da 1-for-1!!!😚 The former is a unique take on traditional toast; more of an open sandwich, the fluffy white bread base surprisingly managed to hold its own beneath two cripsy patties of pork that were breaded with panko and drizzled generously with tonkatsu sauce...and then topped with a runny egg & bonito flakes. Each bite was so so umami!!!😍 and if it ain’t enough, you can mop up the extra tonkatsu sauce that the servers have kindly spread along the plate!!! The eggs benny was nothing to shout about, but I did like how the hollandaise was unusually lemony and citrusy. But definitely, get the tonkatsu toast if you’re here!!
Gone cycling (and eating). Thanks to #burpplebeyond for the 1 for 1 deal, we finally could dine here! The ambience and setting of the place was quite interesting, with a bike shop yard and glasshouse aircon cafe tgt. But the food was kind of average. The roasted chicken would have been better with more marination. And it wasn't a good complement to the waffles (which tasted really normal, like the kind I used to cook at home haha). The bacon egg Japanese rice was alright! (It comes with bacon bites instead of normal pork slices). With the 1 for 1 offer, it was only $20.90 nett for both dishes! 🤑 #burpple #burpplesg #tybinnovena
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Yang Dou Foo and Stir Fry Kai Lan With Pork Belly Everything was super delicious at Kok Sen. Well worth the wait for a mind blowing culinary experience at this no frills joint. Order the Hor Fun with prawns and also the Yam "nest" with stir fried delicacies. These may be off the menu...
Tze Char Fare @ Kok Sen. LO AND BEHOLD... The star of the night goes to the prawn hor fun!!! Even though this plate looked like a gooey plate of incoherent mess, it was supeeeeeeeer on point. The prawn hor fun was flavorful—the essence of prawn (lmao, what) infused every drop of the sauce, generously coating the broad strips of hor fun. Also, they are pretty generous with the prawns. Of course, the wok hei had a big part in the making of this legendary (wut?!) dish. Would totally go for this again the next time. Okay, maybe I'll try something else since I've heard great stuff about the soup version as well. Other dishes are not bad. I loved the claypot yong tau fu because of it bouncy texture of the paste, and the savoury taste of the sauce, istg THE SAUCE!!! It's as though they have magic when it comes to concocting the sauce of the dishes. The claypot chicken was average for me, would have tried the prawn paste chicken if given a chance. Cereal prawn was there because I was craving for it. That's about it I guess. Many thanks to my buddies in Suntory for putting this farewell dinner together. Can't even string a coherent speech because I was as much a mess as the hor fun but love y'all!
Sliced Fish Soup I used to love kok Sen ‘s sliced fish noodles soup because it was an opaque goodness boiled with lots of fish bones ( and with no added milk ) However my trip to kok Sen today was quite disappointing. It was just a clear soup with some fried onions and tasty from the msg - no umami from any trace of fish bones or stock used . At 7 dollars , this was a little expensive for the portion of fish . I hope standards will revert back to what was served in the past :)
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Seafood Paella ($29) The seafood paella fell short of my expectations to be honest. Although the ingredients look generous, I felt like they didn’t complement each other that well. The jamon iberico was lost in the paella for me - I couldn’t taste it much and I felt like it lost its flavour being in the paella, particularly since the paella was tomato-based and slightly spicy. The tanginess from the tomato wasn’t very enjoyable and I don’t think it particularly complemented the seafood either. However, the seafood was pretty good and I loved the little drizzles of olive oil in the clams. That said, I really liked this place and would recommend other mains instead! Definitely going to pop back here 3 more times to use up all my #burpplebeyond perks.
Barramundi ($27) This is the best fish dish I’ve ever had! It’s almost impossible to describe how much I love it because it’s an absolute dream. The fish was pretty big and the skin was so crisp! It was also really well seasoned and I liked the chermoula marinade on top. The highlight of this dish for me however, was the creamed corn mash, with bell peppers, chives and fregula (a grain that tastes like a smoother version of barley). The mash was dumbfounding and I completely wiped it up. It was sweet from the corn and the fregula provided great textural contrast. Eaten with the fish, it‘s a true match made in heaven. Definitely coming back for this again! #burpplebeyond
Lamb Kofta & King Salmon Dinner here was average at best. We had the lamb kofta and the king salmon. The lamb was grilled quite nicely but tasted really gamey. The king salmon took a really Long time (about 30 minutes) although it shouldn’t have and was a really small piece for the price. It also contained a thick bone which should no doubt have been picked out. The fish was also really salty. Finally, the service isn’t fantastic. One of the staff shoved their hands into our table and into one of the cups to retrieve a candle while we were eating halfway, which was very unpleasant.
Wei Loong
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