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Isn't this Osmanthus Jelly a beauty with her gorgeous sunset tones juxtaposed against a base of creamy white? 😍 . Ended our meal at Shang Social with the Chilled Wolfberry Osmanthus Layer Jelly with Coconut 椰汁桂花冻糕 ($6/3 pcs) Though Osmanthus jelly desserts at Chinese restaurants are usually exorbitantly priced, I just can't resist getting them cos they're always very refreshing to end the meal with! And indeed this one was! The osmanthus jelly was pleasantly sweet and had the most lovely floral aroma. While it could probably stand alone as a dessert, I loved that Shang Social paired it with a layer of creamy coconut jelly which went really well with the fragrant osmanthus jelly. Wouldn't hesitate to get this again the next time I'm at Shang Social! And I'll definitely be back! 🧡
牛肉豬潤粥 $12 Sliced Beef & Pig's Liver Congee Don't enjoy... the beef and pig's liver are over-cooked, the congee is quite grainy, not the silky smooth type that I like.
Spicy Mapo Beancurd With Minced Beef $18 Amping up the heat at Changi Jewel is Shang Social’s mapo tofu, a blazing scorcher that’ll ignite your tastebuds with silken tofu and tender minced beef drenched in an oil-slicked lake of piquant, fiery goodness. The interplay of sour, spicy and numbing flavours as well as sensations is spot on, making a healthy heapful of steamed white rice mandatory for soaking up all dat sauce. Thanks to @blessincasia for the invite and @shangsocial for hosting! Taste: 4/5
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Har Cheong Kai 鸡-ken Cutlet ($22++) When it comes to food that is a cumulation of various cultures and ideas that sprouted as a result of meandering from the norm (aka fusion food), there is somehow an inevitable formation of a grey area where the dishes become lacklustre and the fusion fails to even occur. Well thankfully, HĒ Bistro and Bar seems to lying comfortably, albeit just inches short of this uncertain area, serving up fusion dishes combining Western cuisine with Singaporean flavours. Their Har Cheong Kai 鸡-ken Cutlet ($22) arrives at the table looking like a simple chicken cutlet meal one can expect from a Western hawker stall, but a first bite of the crispy, golden-brown cutlet released that ever so familiar flavour of prawn paste chicken together with the thin but juicy deboned chicken drumstick meat. Served with a fresh salad, some fries (although written on the menu as criss-cut fries, I received straight-cut fries) and spicy chinchalok which gave a nice contrast of flavours. Their Chilli Crappy Pasta ($22) was however a fair bit of a let-down. The sauce was undesirably diluted and watery to say the least, and little of the actual chilli crab flavour was present. On the other hand, one of the sauces that managed to subdue my attention was the Kopi sauce used in their Kopi Ribeye Steak ($30), which seems to go surprisingly well with the beef given that coffee and meat is of course, a modern classic flavour combination. Suffice to say as a place serving fusion cuisine, there could definitely be more finesse in the execution of the dishes, despite its creative output.
Food Takes Too Long Bitter red (house) wine and food takes too long.. Beer was ok though
For 1-for-1 Main Dish (save ~$30) Impressive Asian fusion dishes and buzzy vibes are why you should jot this spot down for your next group gathering with friends. Photo by Burppler Mayne Lim
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The most expensive fishball noodles we’ve ever tried. Massive seafood soup that has 2 whole abalones, fresh prawns, fishballs, meatballs and fish cake. It’s pretty worth it after using Burpple Beyond because there’s 1 for 1 and there were so many ingredients to finish (from the soup, noodles and chicken wings). We were so full after this. ~ 1 for 1 with @burrple #beyond • Set A Whole Abalone & Seafood Soup with Noodles Marinated Wings Ice Lemon Tea SGD22.20
Selling hawker fishball noodles near Boat Quay district would be quite a bold move but these guys have done it right. Priced higher than that in a food centre; it seemed expensive initially but was actually worthwhile after having tried it. The bowl of fishball noodles offered more than just bouncy delicious fishballs. There were generous amount of meatballs, fish cakes, dumplings, pork meat and liver, prawns and even 2 alluring abalones. The ingredient-noodles proportion was such that you’d not have to eat any mouth of noodles without an ingredient. And it was just great that everything tasted good, including the noodles and soup. For a set, it came with nicely done juicy chicken wings or fried fish balls or fish cakes. And there was alcoholic option over the usual beverages for drinks too. Overall, the set was a really hearty and tasty meal. With the @burpplebeyond app, the set was just a great steal. Apt to its location, its setting was updated making this attractive also to our foreign visitors. A good pick to introduce our local eats to friends from overseas.
I makan
Whole Abolone Seafood Soup Whole Abolone Seafood Soup ($15) . I doubt most people would go for this option @ahterfishballnoodlebar and we had to if we wanted tp use #burpplebeyond . So for $22.30, we got 2 giant bowls of this amazing seafood soup, 2 bowls of noodles, 2 iced lemon teas and 2 sides (we picked chicken wings & fishcake). This deal couldn’t be anymore worth it! Each bowl of soup had 2 of almost everything, fishballs, pork balls, liver, fish wonton, prawns, whole abalones! We especially loved the flavour of the soup. It reminded me a bit of the soupy bcm at 85 market as it was full of minced pork pieces.
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| 🐔Refreshing Citrus Chicken Cutlet 。... ~ · Chicken Cutlet in Tiger Lemon Radler Sauce - $18 · No taste of Tiger Beer in the sauce but a hint of it in the batter. Lemon flavours are more prominent. Refreshing taste. Lack a bowl of rice though, so remember to order a few pieces of their awesome fried man tou! Must try their man tou seriously, so good · Tiger Street Lab Street Food by KEK Seafood Jewel Changi Airport @tigerbeersg @changiairport @jewelchangiairport
Marmite Chicken And Four Cheese Flatbread Support KEK seafood! Marmite Chicken, same great taste by Keng Eng Kee and flatbread pizzas by Timbre. Best of both worlds!
Chilli Soft Shell Crab In the midst of all the crowds on Cloud9 Piazza at level 5 of Jewel Changi Airport was a beer corner that served Tiger beer. Other than grabbing a pint of beer or two (maybe even more), they offered some fancy beer grub to pair with the beer they serve. The Chilli Soft Shell Crab (S$15.00) was not the most favourable in terms of serving portion, as there were only two halves of soft shell crabs on the dining table. The chilli crab sauce was a tad watery, so while the sauce could coat the seafood well by dipping, it was difficult to cover the Mantou well. In fact, those who liked a little more sauce could consider adding on another portion of sauce at S$2.00. Surprisingly, I was more than pleased with their fried Mantou. While it might be an ordinary bun tossed into oil, the bun just tasted nice with a golden crispy exterior. The shop was located right beside Privé which took up the seats nearer to the HSBC Rain Vortex, so if you desired to watch the light shows while “da”-ing your beer, be advised that you’ll probably not be able to.
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