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Craving for some desserts this mid of the week? The Hazelnut Praline Choux was a memorable piece not just for its form but taste as well. To our surprise, this was pretty big in size double that of a usual Choux. The perfectly baked crunchy pastry contrasted well with the smooth hazelnut cream in between. Simple as it was, this would be the benchmark of what we want for a Choux dessert. Of cos, there were other appealing items in their dessert menu to pick too.
I makan
Fancy a Chocolate Pappardelle? We succumbed to our curiosity and was relieved that it wasn’t the dessert chocolatey taste that we feared for a savoury dish. Instead, the flavoured pasta complemented the braised beef in red wine jus for an earthy taste. It was comforting though there wasn’t any punchy taste to stand out. Similarly, their Duck Confit Tagliatelle had a full-bodied kinda taste from the duck meat which was somewhat restrained. Perhaps it was the chef’s intent to keep their pasta down-to-earth. Comparatively, to their starters had bolder and stronger flavours. The Squid Ink Bone Marrow was really memorable both visually and on the palate. A great contrast of textures between the marrow and crispy toasts. We were also delighted with the Honey Soy Crispy Chicken that would be a treat for everyone. Besides the dishes interesting savoury dishes on their menu, their desserts were as attractive to end a meal with.
I makan
Sorrel Salmon ($23++ U.P.), Fish And Chips ($22++ U.P.); Both On Burpplebeyond A recent lunch I had with a friend who recently subscribed to burpple mentioned that some establishments can be found on eatigo or other food platforms “and you don’t pay for those...” he commented. But I quickly raised that there are those places that you’d hardly get any sorts of discounts at but burpple and South Union Park (SUP) is a prime example. I’ve been here twice for brunch then dinner and was only very impressed on the first visit; dinner here fell short of expectations with an underwhelming baby back ribs main we had. But with Burpplebeyond I was determined to return and sooner than expected I found myself revelling in what I first fell in love with; SUP’s chicken liver pate. Shortly after everything I’d wished for on plate: poached salmon that had not one trace of what I always feared in slabs of fish, sapless poor textured white meat. The fish sad on a bed of spinach and zucchini swimming in a shallow pool of sorrel cream that I polished off the plate. Another note: SUP hand makes their pastas which means you definitely should try them because handmade wet pastas are quite recherché at least in my sphere of the SG F&B scene. Lastly, the fish and chips here employs a barramundi fillet as opposed to common dory/ sea bass fillets; this along side an in house coleslaw with red cabbage, a testimony to SUP’s emphasis on using good quality ingredients, something I look for in every menu earnestly crafted by chefs.
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Cheeseburger [$10] at a special Tuesday promotional price of $10, this double-pattied(!!!) cheeseburger is amazinggg. the patty was flavourful and well seasoned with hints of smoky charcoal fragrance. leaning towards a medium-rare doneness, the meat was slightly pink in the middle and remained tender throughout, melding perfectly with the cheese. oh and the bunssss 😍 slightly crackly tops, insanely soft and fluffy insides. buttered as well! so glad I finally made the trip down. will be back every Tuesday from now on 🤪 also if you’re planning to go as well, do make a reservation beforehand! it was really crowded when I went and I was so thankful I made a reservation because there was a queue 🙊 4.8/5
Beef Short Rib The third item of my order, the Beef Short Rib. Again, they’ve done such a good job with this! The meat was Super tender, it falls off the bone! It’s covered with a thick layer of pepper, nice for some fiery melt in your mouth beef initially. However, midway through, I had to scrap off some of it as it over-powered the flavour of the beef. I’d say, keep to their beef dishes as they do do fantastically well with them!
Beef Brisket I’m don’t usually have beef brisket, or rather it’s not my first choice for beef due to the texture. However, MeatSmith has done a fabulous job with it! It’s so tender it tears (cuts) as you cut it, and melts in your mouth. Plus, the taste is just right - flavourful and peppery (yet not overtly over-powered by either). 👍👍
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Burlamacco @ 30 Stanley Street . Restaurant Week 2019 . We managed to make a reservation for Burlamacco, an Italian restaurant located near Tanjong Pagar MRT. . We were pleasantly surprised by all the dishes in the restaurant week menu. In particular, the lobster pasta was absolutely delicious! I also really liked both the chocolate tart and date pudding. . Ratings: Taste - 4.5/5; Price- 4/5
Si Min
<BEST> Beef Short Ribs Honestly I feel bad for using Burpple Beyond at times. Quality food, quality wine, quality service! I won’t use the pictures of the mains because theh were so kind to portion the mains into two for us! Started off with some complimentary bread and it is delicious, toasty and fragrant. Don’t get too full on this before the mains! We shared the [Linguine] Arrabiata-style Tomato-based linguine with a delectable fresh lobster tail. No frills, fresh ingredients made it good. [Manzo] Beef Short Ribs was the best and most tender I have ever had, I was holding back trying to steal the girlfriend’s portion. Ended off with [Costata] -pictured- sinful chocolate tart topped with vanilla gelato. Again, delicious! We also had a glass of Nero red wine each and it tasted of good quality as well. Guess what, this whole meal with 2 mains, 2 glasses of wine and 1 dessert only cost me less than $100 nett thanks to Burpple Beyond! Will return even without Beyond!
Song Ko
Great Pastas & Service I’ve been eyeing Burlamacco for many years and I finally got to try it - the pastas we chose were amazing. We had the Boston lobster linguine and the pork ragout pappardelle and both were superb. The lobster was really fresh and flavourful and the linguine was perfectly done in a rich, lightly spiced sauce. The pappardelle was done al dente and paired perfectly with the chunks of tender ragout. The servers were really sharp, as they asked if we were sharing both dishes and they served both dishes in two half portions on each of our plates so we could share, as pictured! Great service and I’ll definitely be back again.
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Pork Char Siew ($8) +$5 for drink, wantons and eggs. They provide free flow soup and pork lards.
7/10 I WOULD SAY WORTH A TRY USED THE 1 for 1 on BURPPLE Tried the following DUCK NOODS (deep fried duck) -I actually thought it was gonna be like roasted duck but well I DONT mind deep fried ,anyways texture wise I love it ,flavours taste and smell fragrant TWOSOME NOODS (Roast Pork & Char siew) -love the roast pork crispy skin and succulent meat as for the char siew it’s ok For the noodles in general it’s flavour is a ok not AMAZING but ok -PROS about this place 1.FREE FLOW PORK LARD 2.LOVE THE SOUP BY THE TABLE 3.HAPPY HOUR DRINKS Would have preferred if the chilli was the bright red spicy kind like ENGS wanton noods a WOULD come back for a special occasion I guess TEEEHEE 🥳
Premium Wanton Mee #BurppleBeyond 1-1 Pork Belly Twosome Noodle $10 A cozy little joint with limited seating, went on a saturday afternoon and most tables were occupied. The Twosome Noodle are premium version of wanton mee where you got pork belly char siu and roasted crispy pork belly instead of the normal char siu pieces. Really like the texture and the tangy-ness of the noodles,the scallions added on to the fragrant. I would say there weren't any surprises with the pork belly char siu and roasted crispy pork belly, they are well done and exactly how I expected them to taste like. Soup was free flow on a thermal flask on the table. Staffs were friendly, but probably wont come back as the food is pricey without Beyond deals.
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