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pinoy style pasta is always a yummy for kids and kids at heart's taste buds. with its slightly sweet taste and loads of TJ hotdogs (filipino hotdog) its a wow!!!

i just learned that to have a perfectly hard boiled egg...there's a rule of 5-five-5...1st: boil water with salt and vinegar 2nd: Put the eggs when the water is completely boiling and let it cook for exactly 5 minutes. 3rd: off the stove and let it rest there for exactly FIVE minutes. 4th: transfer the eggs to a bowl of very cold water and leave it there for another 5 minutes and then 5th: finally you can peel it and tada!!! its perfect!!!

chinese-style cooked in oyster sauce...marinated overnight and yes its juicy amd tender to the bite😋

when prepping any meat for pounding, cover it with plastic cling wrap to avoid splatter :)

Consist of thin sliced lean meat pork and liver sauteed in garlic ginger and onions for the soup base garnished with dried shallots and chinese celeries. This dish reminds me of my eldest brother..he's favorite!!!

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Yummy Sweet!!! once you start eating...you cannot stop :)

first time cooking this and it was Perfect!!! cravings satisfied!

Another Filipino delicacies. Palitaw is made of Glutinous Rice Dough. Just dunk in boiling water once it floats then its done. Roll it in shredded coconut sugar and roasted sesame seeds. Voila! there you have your Palitaw!!!

This yummy soup is always a hit for kids and kids at heart :) its one of my comfort food!!!

Cooked this on a lazy sunday lunch its fast and yummy served with white steamed rice and dipped in vinegar and garlic sauce

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