This was a birthday dinner. Lady who greeted us put us in the corner where I had a great view of the back kitchen. Great view of the back kitchen prep + random annoyed discussions + sweat wiping. Asked to move seats early on but she said there was a group there ( it wasn’t a group there ) Soon followed by “ we charge SGD3.00 to serve ice water” ..... not a great start.

+ squid and truffle mayo dip a must have
+ short rib - comes with bean sprouts. A must have

+ / - Pork Belly Robotayaki was neither here Nor there. It was ok.

- prawns with golden prawns ( crunchy frozen prawns ? Well that’s what it tasted like )
- I had white rice which tasted better then the garlic rice :)

Unfortunately I don’t know the price because it was a birthday meal + we had an Amex discount.

* food was ok but only because we had the Amex discount
* service and seats was only saved by the dude taking care of us after entree was served ( Amal ? Even got us some ice cream and dessert for the birthday)
*still a little puzzled why this place is popular

The Wife and I considered walking to Sushi Tei

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KEK is one of those rare zi char places with friendly and prompt service. Go for the unique Claypot Pig Liver with rich liver sauce for liver lovers, and the Claypot Drunken Prawns in lovely herbal soup. The star dishes here are their Moonlight Horfun with raw egg, and their Salted Egg Crab! There are both outdoor and indoor seating, call ahead for reservations!