Pleasant and tasty dish at a pretty value for money price. Would order again

Soooo good and hit all the spots. This $4 cupcake tastes so chocolaty, from the cupcake itself to the frosting and the Nutella centre. So good.

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Dim sum at canton paradise is not cheap. This $6 plus siew mai is actuallly $9 for 4 pieces. As expensive as hotel Chinese restaurants! But tastes good though. Has a meaty texture and super juicy when bitten into. Now that there is an ongoing 30% promo, have to make the most of it.

Still as good as ever but now they don’t allow u to exchange the mashed potatoes for fries!!

Better than Changi village! $2.50 for this! Super crispy ikan bilis and delicious sayur lodeh


The first one they sent to us was burnt, so we sent it back. They claim all waffles are like that but they made a new one anyway which looked much better. Tasted very good. I love all the toppings provided. With the 1 for 1 it’s good value!

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Not bad. I enjoyed it. But on hindsight it seems like just a few simple ingredients put together. Not sure if worth the price.

The place is very noisy and smoky. Hope they rectify that soon.

Avoid that cake. So so so dry. Just not the same as years ago when this cake was so decadent and moist. Makes you wonder how old the cake is.

Expensive for noodles without much ingredients. Also a lot of black burnt flecks in the food. Ie the wok not cleaned from previous use.

Hope it’s been a relative enjoyable CNY despite the virus situation. .
I have been particularly busy, not so much because of many visitations, but because I decided to cook more. Prepared yusheng by hand as well as steamboat. My CNY resolution is to get my house in order so I can invite people over for a meal next time!!
Regarding the virus situation, I myself have actually cut down on going out. Previous years would see me going to airport for CNY coffee! Today I zoomed through the supermarket to get stuff, and felt guilty each time I saw someone with a mask and I’m not wearing one. Also doesn’t help that Adam has been sick, so he’s had to sit out on the visitations lest people cast the evil eye on him.

The dishes seldom disappoint, and you can expect quality and consistency even during the busy CNY period. Featured above are:
1⃣ Double-boiled Bird's Nest with Almond Cream served in young Coconut
2⃣ Premium Wealth Treasure Pot
3⃣ Baked Fillet of Sea Perch in Champagne Sauce
4⃣ Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Whole Abalone, Sea Conch and Korean Ginseng
5⃣Abundant Wealth Yu Sheng

Set menus start from $128++ per pax (6 course)
🍴Hai Tien Lo | Pan Pacific Singapore
📍7 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039595
🚇Esplanade MRT

Yes during Chinese New Year! And halal too. So perfect for doing office lohei here as Muslim colleagues can also be included.
No CNY meal can be without yusheng, and here you can have unlimited servings and tossings! Also, depending on the day, special dishes will also be served to the table,eg the following:
1️⃣Double boiled mini Buddha Jumps over the Wall
2️⃣Kimchi Broth Sea Perch
3️⃣Kam Heong Seafood in a wok
4️⃣Crispy Fish Skin & Chicken Bakkwa
5️⃣Pipa Guitar Duck with Hoisin Sauce
🍴Windows on the Park
📍Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre