Very very nice beef bowls they have here! Slightly pricey but quality is there. Worth the moolah and I'll be back for more. Bonus: Free parking in the building btw 11am to 3pm and after 5pm for Mon to Fri and totally free parking for Sat and Sun (until further notice).

First time trying out Hollin's BBT due to Beyond 1 for 1 promo.
Tea taste is rather subtle and the 50% sugar level is still super sweet. Recommend 0% or 25% sugar for Lychee oolong (due to lychee syrup) and 25% sugar for the milk tea.
Don't mind buying this bbt using 1 for 1 promo but not worth the original premium price.

The photo on the menu doesn't do justice to the actual dish! Presentation and taste are good! Kids enjoyed the pasta dishes very much!! Highly recommended!

This is definitely a hidden gem in Marina Square. Tucked in a quiet corner of the mall, this restaurants serves really delicious pasta dishes at affordable prices even without the 1 for 1 deal. But be prepared to wait 30 to 45 mins during peak dinner time.
We had seafood aglio olio and pasta alla vongole with added prawns.
This is the first time I had aglio olio was served wrapped in a bag. The moment the bag was opened up, the heavenly smell of the garlic and Seafood will gush through your nose. Great presentation great taste!
As for the other, the clams and prawns are fresh and tastes nice with the wine sauce! A little spicy but there's a tinge of sweetness from the wine sauce made it bearable for my hb who doesn't take much spicy food.
Very looking forward to revisit the restaurant again to try out the other items on the menu!
Oh yah, they have 3 course lunch promo at only $9.90! Super value for money!

The beef short ribs are nice but serving is small. I was taken aback when waitress tried to serve me a plate of stale beef short ribs (the beef had turned brown) when I used the 1 for 1 deal on the beef. She did replace it after I rejected it. And the liver that we ordered is not fresh as well. Colour looks off. Taste wrong too. Shelf life of liver is very short btw 1-2days. Don't like the fact this shop continue to serve food that is way past its shelf life.
The 1 for 1 deal vouchers can only be used on limited dishes and the shop only allowed us to use 2 vouchers for 4 pax (2A & 2C). vouchers are not applicable on platters and buffet which makes the use of vouchers totally not worth it. The above photo showed everything ( + a can of green tea & a pot of chrysanthemum tea) we had ordered and the total bill is $104. Soup base costs $18. Regretted visiting and will not visit again.
There are better hot pot restaurants that costs lesser.

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