Birthday lunch! Love you guys! And thanks @annamarri for coming all the way here hehe <3 missing 3 people! @kimboily @pecokirsten @moncapili

Tendon, not good at all.. Soggy and no sauce.. I was dipping in the maki dip, though. Yum.

Nikki's evil spaghetti with chunky meat and tomatoes and sizable globs of gloopy melty edam cheese.. Not to mention the shredded cheese on top. Almondigas soup with lots of pepper.

Belgian waffle with creamy biscoff and bananas.. Evil!!!

Breakfast falafel. #omgsogood

Butter pecan with graham bits..ok, yum. Also tried Mara's cotton candy and Aimee's salted caramel. Honestly though, yum but nothing special. I've been spoilt by gelato, Sebastian's & Haagen Dazs. Lol.