Jerk Chicken
Crispy Marbled Potatoes
Kor Moo Yang

request to add $1 for their Tempura onsen egg that’s off the menu!

Must order! Crisp and served on a hot sizzling pan that keeps the pancake warm throughout your meal 👍

loved loved loved this appetiser dish!! smoky goodness that reminded me of a good Indonesian grill! must order!

lovely rich crab tart filled to the brim with lotsa crab; probably good to share with your pals as it might get a tad jelat towards the end!

The pancakes were fluffy and moist, full of wobbly eggy-ness that you’d expect!

Could have been better if there was an option of a maple/honey syrup to drizzle on top of the pancakes.

$21.80 (quite ex)

Simple and flavour filled sandwich! Good for brunch and sharing with friends 😊

A humble stall ran by 2 young hawkers, absolutely enjoyed their noodles and umami prawn soup! 🥢😋

Prawns were carefully de-shelled to make it more convenient for eating!

• Available in Soup or Dry •
This bowl was the $4 portion!