Brookline’s Ganko Ittetsu Ramen is the first bowl of authentic ramen I’ve had in Boston. The ramen broth was robust, the noodles were springy and that onset egg was so good. If you’re thinking of popping by for dinner, Join the wait list on Yelp before you go down to save yourself some time. I waited 45 minutes for my table, but we had time in the evening so we went for Ice cream across the street 😬

In 2017, we crushed our own expectations by hitting $1 million in revenue in the first year. Our PR effort created $200,000 in real dollar returns to the business. I have documented, in this post, what it took to make that happen.
It wasn't all smooth sailing. There have been many moments of disagreement, and I'm so grateful that Soon Hui would put his ego aside and really open-heartedly share his thoughts with me. The start was tready, and we didn't know how people would react. But it worked out in the end.
Guys, this is the entire secret: If you want to win in business, you have to be in the dirt and make every bit count. Be a practitioner, write the press releases, eat the food, personalise every invite and be present in the moment.
Care about the things that make the business work, and you will succeed.

Phenomenal bacon, and that avocado was such a treat! ❤️❤️❤️ perfect #bunch food

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Solid chunks of salmon, much better seasoning on the rice, and a very nice dash of roe. No service charge or GST yet, so better make your way down soon 🐟🐟🐟

Crunchy, juicy, great batter and finishing. I was impressed. The only thing for me was the pricing at $28-32 for fried chicken, and the ++ costing involved. Other than that, I recommend the original flavour for fried chicken aficionados!


The roe is visually striking, and it tastes just fine. Skin is a little too sticky, but it’s a minor complaint. The menu is dependable, and reasonably priced, and if you’re looking for something other than the heavily trafficked Swee Choon, this is Jalan Besar’s other go-to Dim Sum place.

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Pair that with the tenderness of the beef, and that runny egg that holds everything together, and we’ve got us a winner.


Thank you @tamashii_robataya for such a great lunch, and @misstamchiak for taking me back here 😋


A great kaarage is always fragrantly crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and light on the batter. This one was crispy, but didn’t have much flavour so I’m guessing that they didn’t marinate it sufficiently...

This is the original Butao King, and I do love it. The broth was warm, satisfying, and not ultra-salty. You can see I opted for the pork belly, which is really more a slab of solid meat with just a little more fat. There’s none of that crazy thick layer of fat, but I like it that way.
Good place, and surprisingly affordable at $13.90++.