TWG Pu-Erh 1993 x KitKat dark.

Breakfast! Lol!

French vanilla + Tiramisu gelato of @bardolci!

Yummy whoopie pies by My Cookie Lab (:

Found a place in Manila tha tsells different flavoured #kitkats from Japan! Cherry Blossom is the best. #food

Lunch time at @ariacucina! #italian #pizza #minestronesoup #food #fresh #healthy

Toasted double chocolate chips with marshmallows on top + milk from Yna Zuñiga & the Etoile bar!

Besides having yummy food, they also have cute kitties at Kat's cafe! 😻

Tea, French macarons and croissants at TWG Tea Salon and Boutique w/ @mikocarreon & @davidguison 😋

You ready for Valentine's day 2013? Have breakfast with your special someone. Bring over her favourite cereal and fruits or waffles. Eat & talk! #tumblr