As usual, I had a huge craving for smashed avocado so I couldn't go past without ordering this dish. As far as smashed avocados go, you really can't go wrong wherever you order it really... But I did like the special little pink radish salad! It was a refreshing + novel addition to the smashed avo!

This was also surprisingly good! Lots of corn in the corn cakes!! And we FINALLY found a place with relish rather than just tomatoes! Topped with crushed avocado (which I was craving!) so YAY! Although it wasn't absolutely amazing, it was a nice little find for sure! We also had no idea what to expect since we sort of just ran into it when the other places were just way too full for us to handle at that point in the afternoon! Although the atmosphere wasn't as hipster as their neighbouring cafes, we were met with friendly service with nice food and good chai.

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This chai latte was actually quite good!! I think it was powder but the soy was steamed to the perfect temperature + creamy-ness and it wasn't watery at all!! We didn't add any honey but it was well sweet enough! Possibly since it was powder...?

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The rich chestnut hollandaise sauce was delicious and the eggs were poached perfectly! Very fancy version of eggs Benedict indeed! The potato rosti had strong flavours of thyme which was delicious too! The potatoes were cut slightly larger than the other rostis I've tasted though! It was slightly small portioned for $17 though... The service was fantastic and the interior was very nicely decorated! It had a more corporate feeling and it wasn't the usually hipster brunch hang out but I still liked it nonetheless!

This was not the usual big vegetarian breakky I was expecting at all!! From the name and the description, I was expecting an ordinaryl big breakfast. But this was way better! Lots of varieties of seasonal vegetables with well poached eggs mixed in a very presentable manner topped with cheese. The extra hollandaise sauce is definitely worth getting!

This was quite fluffy and filling! It almost reminded me of ricotta hotcakes but a healthier version! Although it was missing the element of sweetness from the traditional corn fritters, it was still quite good!

This chai was actually really good!! It wasn't super special but it was a good balance of spices (I have a feeling I've had this blend of chai splices before?) and it wasn't too hot which also meant that it had the perfect amount of milk! We didn't even have to ask for honey either because it came with it so YAY! Although the section we sat was extremely children friendly and it felt like a bit of a crèche, the service was friendly and attentive so double tick on that front too! Maybe next time I'll get to sit in the front section of the cafe where there's better ambience or maybe even outside since they had cute blankets on the chairs that you can use!

The soy milk was frothed very well and the flavour wasn't too intense so it was nice! There was a little too much hot water in it for me though... The honey came in a little beaker-like glass creamer which was cute. The consistency of the honey was much more runny than normal honey so it was extremely easy to pour in! Good tasting honey too! Although the wait staff was very well presented and more professional than most of the other places I've been too, the atmosphere here was a little hectic (our coffee orders and bill was forgotten) and a little too noisy to relax...

The mushrooms were really buttery and cooked well. I think it may have had a hint of truffle oil too? Absolutely delicious with the cheesy cornmeal gratin... At the start. But I think the balance between the mushrooms and the cornmeal is unfortunately slightly tipped towards the cornmeal side. It's a good combination and I still enjoyed it but a little less cake would've been better for me!

An Italian friend of mine had a make-your-own pizza night which was SO MUCH FUN!! He made 6kg worth of pizza dough and we all brought toppings to share around! The pizza we made had pesto, asparagus, capsicum, mushrooms and salami topped with mozzarella and crumbed feta! Mmm...

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Gluten free pasta tossed in basil almond pesto, spinach topped with slithered almonds, fresh basil and shredded soy cheese. This was my second time at shakahari and they always amaze me with their super flavoursome vegetarian meals!! Healthy, delicious and good portioned dinner for sure! Since the price is slightly higher priced and old fashioned than the other hipster vego places around, the crowd is slightly older and definitely less noisy. Great place to catch up with friends since you can actually have a nice conversation without yelling to each other!

We bought some unusual looking pine and slippery jack mushrooms at the farmers market on the weekend so obviously my first thought was to bake some mushroom pie!! I've been craving it for SO LONG! Ingredients: seasonal mushrooms, smoked salt butter from myrtleford butter factory, rice bran oil spread, garlic, toasted cashews, preserved lemon and home grown spring onion! I didn't have any cream so I mixed some almond milk, eggs, Japanese mayonnaise, Parmesan and seasoning. Although I probably didn't cook something that would enhance the flavour of the mushrooms, the cheesy creamy, mushroom-filled pie was exactly what I wanted tonight!!