Teranganu Curry Noodle here is really worth trying both value for money and delicious but you just gonna know your way here.

The Diam Sum and Noodles here are really worth trying. Thumbs up!

This is a good deal. Good service, value for money and the food (Both Western and Chinese) are delicious.

Although its not cheap a place to dine in and at a out of the way locatio. I always love the dinning ambience here. The food here is also delicious if you know your pick. My person recommendation "Clayport Crab Glass Noodle and Steam Seabass. Btw, I dine here frequently who knows you might bump into me. Lolxxx

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If you happen to be st Cameron Highland then is organic steamboat is worth trying although it doesn't taste good but it's organic and cheap.

Although the food is below average but its still worth the money... Dinner for 5paxs only SGD$60.

The seafood here though not very delicious but are cheap and good. Worth a try if you travel to Malacca.