Love the thai ice tea here. Go for their Shepard's pie and muffins too, I'd highly recommend Fringe Cafe. Thai ice tea costs S$4.20, almond cookies costs S$4.80.

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Delicious Thai food at JS Thai. Price is reasonable, service is fast, good tom yam n fried glass noodles. Price for Seabass Salad is S$10.

Rough mushroom soup, unrefined pieces of mushroom in the soup to give texture S$4. Skinny hot chocolate at S$4.50.

Room service is always the best service. Unfortunately, you'd have to call for the food, pick it up from the hotel's restaurant and bring it to your room instead to enjoy. Battered barramundi A$15, Soup & salad A$10.50

Delicious chicken salad. Fantastic dressing and sauce on the chicken and in the salad. Dish was A$14

Delicious terriyaki salmon salad, the salmon is cooked to the perfect texture, with the perfect dressing. EXCELLENT!! Dish cost A$13

Healthy, although the crispy chicken isn't, but hey, can't opt out on something so delicious at times now can we? Good mix of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, pineapple and chicken with thai sauce, yummm. Dish cost S$6.90

Always a delight to have, definitely something to try here at Kungfu Paradise. Mash potato is the perfect consistency, with tender meatballs and bolognise sauce. Dish cost S$6.90

The almighty salmon head on a plate. Grilled and healthy with all a salmon's goodness. This is only half a salmon head though at S$8.

Eel omelette at S$11. Tastes good, there isn't a strong eel smell, well prepared. Thumbs up. Sushi Tei still keeping up to standard.

Probably not the best midnight snack. But its only 130cal for the box of 42.5g. Bought it at NTUC, pack of 6, at only around S$3 plus.

The flourless orange cake is a little too sweet, but has nice flavours. Chai latte is quite good, although if you are a chai person, its probably not strong enough. Flourless cake S$7.95; Ice Chai Latte S$5.80