:) finally we got time for discipling yay 😊😊 went to salted caramel - the waffles is crispy which is good haha cause it will not turn soggy (??) the ppl there are really nice ! They give suggestion but the place is really far ! :( #food #vscocam

I dont like to eat frog but the gravy is really nice with porridge ! It really complement the porridge ! The gravy dont smell or taste like it have been cook with frog ! Is cooked with spring onion and ginger ! Is really nice 😍 #food

One of my fav foods -(|||) : lor mee ! :) is nice but i prefer last time one want they had the crispy stuff. ! Idontknow what is that but now they dont have already :( ! I love it with garlic and a little vinegar ! :) #vscocam #food

Just one of my fav food ! XIAO LONG BAO :) 😍😍😍😍i just love it hahaha ! Early dinner with family after visiting :) and my blue nails :) i love them ! They are like my new fav ! From maybeline hahaha i recently have been into maybeline stuff they are not very affordable but compare to revlon / mac / sephora (??) hahaah they are cheap i guess hahaha ! The colour is blueberry ice :) #food #vscocam

I love the mee pok here and the chilli in the mee pok :) so yummy #food

Went out to eat breakfast with my family today ! :) second time went to eat without my sis lol ! Hahahaa she always have cca at such a bad timing ! :( this porridge is the best in town :) #food #vscocam

Ice cream now ! :) #food

Awesome !

Coffee to help me to stay awake for ss & math ! Come on JY !!! πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ #coffee

A bucket of awesome chocolate ! 😊😊😊 #whitagram #food

My favourite snack :) while doing amaths ! 😩 #whitagram #food #awesome