One of the best Penang laksa I've Ever eaten!!!! OMG. Hahaha.

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Food from Temasek Poly design canteen. It taste fine 😛 just $3.80

Raspberry blackcurrent blended juice + salted caramel + caramelised walnut cinnamon swirl w @toppedwithmayo @JjiawenN the cinnamon swirl is not bad 😋

Ham + Mushroom + Spag + cream + egg yolk = carbo 😁 the ham taste is infused into the sauce and the pasta, it also taste as good as it smells 😋 the best thing is that the sauce will not coagulate over time too!

Whole meal spag + carbonara sauce + chicken breast + 2 dry chilli padi 😋 hmm I feel that the spag too dry Leh. It feels very thick. Maybe it wasn't boiled enough :/ i don't know. Oh wells. Just eat lo. Hehehe.

Just dumplings w the 'hao chi' seasoning. Hehe. Breakfast? I studied overnight for my last paper later at 9.30am. Wish me luck 😊

Udon + dumpling + prawn + egg. Homemade....... But I have to admit that it's too salty. Hahaha. Too much seasoning 😂 oh wells.

Heavenly 😇😇😇 w @applenanalim

Double beef!!!! HAHAHAHAHA #foodporn