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Brunch-ING with Papa 😍 😋

Tonkatsu Sando
Hokkaido Carbonara
Obihiro Butadon
Egg Benedict Hokkaido French toast
Earl Grey Affogato


It's tough getting a table nowadays. We were supposed to be seated outside, by the Café front. We thought will just make do since we are only allowed to done in for 60mins. Thankfully, we were given a table to squeeze. Totally fine for us. Glad we enjoyed the beef sandwich 😋 and chicken.

Yummy and delicate art pieces on cakes.
Had the Charlotte (strawberry) 🍓
- really refreshing.
Royale (Chocolate and coffee) 🍫☕
- nice with different feel of the cake but didn't taste much of coffee.
Didn't manage to try the Coconut cake on second round as customers start coming in.
Friendly young lady, Barista.
Beautiful place.

First time I had Egg Benedict that I didn't really like. It's Sous vide I think, but not properly done, not poach kind. Plus it's on baguette (which I don't usually like) iso brioche. Potato wedges was nice though.

So far, this is the better Soufflé Pancake among others I've tried in Sg.
Small open concept but the lady was nice to look for a table for us.

Never tired of dining there.
Signature salad, oysters, chicken wings, sashimi, Mentaiko dishes, etc...
Set lunch is worth it. You get to choose 3 items to make into a Bento set.
Most importantly, friendly couple running this Family biz.

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Nice and fluffy 🥞
Classic Soufflé $8.80
Hazenut Chocolate Soufflé $13.80
Better than Antoinette to be honest

I was attracted by the broth when I first saw the post... So, we went to try.
Mmmmmm.... It was OK. Crayfish was fresh. But broth is not as flavourful as what it claimed to be like bisque.
Crayfish soup noodle $10/-
Clam n prawn noodle $5/-
We oso ordered yummy 😋 肥叉烧,烧肉 and 烧鸭 at the same coffees shop.

Green curry seafood linguine 🍝 Interesting!
Quinoa chicken salad 🥗 with homemade lemon dressing...
Dessert was Strawberry white chocolate lava tart. I'm not a white chocolate fan, but it was good 👍 with the combination of fruits.
Damien, the barista, creates latte art with 😍 beautifully... My gal requested for We bare bears Rose Milk🥛and he did it nicely for the first time. And I mentioned my childhood favourite characters were Little Twin Stars. So, here goes my Matcha Latte 🍵 with them on it. Really Wow!

I've been eating mutton hotpot.
This is the first time I'm having these dishes for lunch. Yummy. Authentic
红烧牛肉刀削面 $5.50
重庆口水鸡 $10 - 👍
川北凉粉 $6 - love how the vinegar sauce is blending in the chilli oil 👍
猪锅贴 $8 👍

Missing HK cafe food. Nice spacious cafe with bakery by the side.
Love the HK Milk Tea, scrambled egg with soft bread, roasted duck noodle.

HK Street food noodles 车仔面
Nice beef soup broth. Choice of different soup broth + 1 type of noodle. Add whatever ingredients and charge accordingly...
I love the HK 米线, similar to thick beehoon but nicer.
Sides like curry fish balls was nice but of course HK still better. I wish there's blood cured cubes.