recently start to love their pizza♥♥

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Good service,good greeting & having smile on everybody face..
For the food,i am very satisfy on,just maybe for the dinner ramen about the soup Thicker abit maybe tasty salty but just a little more soup, they will not eat very greasy.

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No greeting. No automatic service.
Maybe when that time i go there not alot customer,then the waitress looks like moody. Waitress are keep chatting and chatting. When i want to order i have to lift up my hand for awhile just got waitress come to serve me.
For the Food, i was satisfied.

I love japanese food alot..
Everyday go there always like to try new dish on there..
About the CHICKEN BALL the taste quite nice(*@ο@*) 哇

Tori Q is a famous retail shop.
This my 1st try this shop d food maybe the yakitori chicken just not bad..But for the yakitori pork ball d taste quite nice..