Love these egg slices! They are fried until golden, are crispy and best taken with their homemade chilli.

Highly recommended!

Silky smooth chee cheong fun and yam cake tossed in sweet sauce and home-made chilli. This is one of the best comfort foods!

#1-30 luan jie mei shi 銮姐美食

The green tea latte was too milky and sweet. I only managed a quarter of the cup before giving up.

Hopefully their other offerings are better. Just don't get the green tea latte!

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This plate of kaya toast might not look like much but looks can be deceiving! The toast is toasted to perfection and butter and kaya are generously spread.

Highly recommended!

#02-95 Ah Seng Hai Nam Coffee

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The title says it all. The dough fritters (60 cents/piece) are hand-made and fried on the spot. It's fluffy inside with the right amount of red bean paste. For something that is deep-fried, it is surprisingly not greasy and has the right crunch.

They also have the usual dough fritters with salty filling, butterfly fritters and youtiaos. Will definitely return for more!

At stall #02-59.

This is good value for money- generous portions for $14.90! Good for satisfying any craving for deep-fried food you may have.

Another thumbs up too for the quick and attentive service!

We had steamed vegetarian dumplings, zha jiang mian and spinach with oyster sauce (clockwise from top).

Unfortunately none of these dishes were nice - the spinach was too salty, the black bean sauce for zha jiang mian was undersalted and had a weird sourish taste. The vegetarian dumplings were stuffed with mushroom and tofu and the skin broke apart when the dumpling was taken out of the bamboo basket.

Avoid these!

This is a reliable stall for tutu kueh - the coconut filling is fragrant and not too sweet and the flour part is soft but firm ( like a good pillow!).


This pandan cheesecake is light and has a strong pandan fragrance. It does get gelat towards the end, so share with a friend!

We also tried their breads - white mushroom and matcha salted egg bun and liked both. The staff were friendly and cheery and made us feel welcomed. Overall, a recommended place for a breakfast or teabreak!

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Good dimsum, ambience and quick service. However the dim sum was not so fabulous that it was worth the price paid.

We particularly enjoyed the baked custard bun and deep fried yam seafood rolls

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