Small place tucked away in Far East Plaza that specializes in different types of beef. The egg in the omu rice was really fluffly and soft, which complemented with the tomato fried rice. The tomato sauce was however slightly too tart. I would think a more savoury sauce like demi glaze would be better (which was offered for some of the other omu rice items). The set I ordered came with sirlon steak. The meat was tender, but I found it a tad too cold. Overall good effort, and good value using the 1 for 1.

The star of this dish, is definitely the beef. Said to be stewed for 3 hours, the beef chunks in this dish is not only tender, but flavourful. I felt that the beef pieces have a good mix of soft (tendony) parts and meat parts, giving them a really nice texture. The broth complemented the noodles and beef well, though it is slightly on the sweeter side (presumably from the mirin). I think it can get abit too sweet at the end for those who prefers their broth to be on the savoury side. But overall, a really good comforting dish. I would eat it again for the beef chunks.

I also tried two other chicken side dishes, chicken roulade and the smoked spring chicken. The first thing you would notice, is how tender the chicken is. Both dishes were also well marinated. The only downside, is that I find it a little expensive to pay $9.80 for two pieces of chicken roulade. Price aside, the dish is great. So I would say for those who have burpple, it will be more worthwhile!

The first time I tried souffle pancake was in Tokyo, at one of the famous store, A Happy Pancake. Have been craving that ever since and was happy to try Riz Labo's version at Wisma. The first thing that came to mind when I had my first bite, was how light the pancake tasted. The pancake itself was not sweet, and that complemented nicely with the sweet creme brulee sauce. The sauce was torched before serving, and that added a nice charred taste to thr overall flavour. I would say that this is a really good effort and one of the better souffle pancakes you can get in Singapore. It is a little less "pancakey" compared to the one I had in Japan, but definitely stands out with its lightness and fluffiness. It is on the pricier side as well, but the creme brulee one is going for $15+ on weekdays compared to $20+ on weekends. Recommended if you are craving for Japanese souffle pancake, or if you have not tried those in Japan before!

Never really noticed this place even though i frequent Novena a lot. Saw it on Burpple and decided to give it a try! The dishes here are kinda like a fusion of Japanese / peranakan / local flavours. Some really unique dishes and kudos to the chefs for their ideas. The Unagi Garlic Fried Rice was my favourite after trying several. The rice had this nice wok-hei aroma to it and is very flavourful. For those who really like their garlic strong, this might disappoint you a little because its garlicness is more on the subtle side. But for me, its just right. The unagi on top is a big plus too because it is really soft. As a unagi fan, i have tried unagi at many different stores. And this one still stood out amongst some for its tenderness and lack of bones. For those who avoid unagi becsuse of the little bones, rest assured that you wont find any in this. The only disappointing bit is the size, like some reviewers have mentioned. I would say for the size, i would have expected the price to be $13 to $15, and its current pricing is rather expensive. There is a 1 for 1 promo ongoing so be sure to check that out or use burpple 1 for 1!

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A small cafe nestled at a corner along balestier road. Second time trying this truffle noodle dish and still very impressed. When you first collect the dish at the counter, the truffle scent is really distinctive. However, the noodles doesn't have the strongest truffle taste and can be quite mild for some people. Despite this, I really like the sauce of the noodle. Slightly vinegary and salty, it packs a punch together with the al dente noodles. The chicken by the side is really tender, though I did wish the taste to be slightly stronger. The ramen egg is very well seasoned with the yolk done just right. Really recommend anyone in the area to try this unique and tasty dish! 👍 Add on a dollar to the set for a bubble tea upgrade (quite good too)

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