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Was looking for something special to eat at Esplanade and found this online. Went for lunch on Sunday afternoon and found the place quite empty. The cheapest noodle set was $12 with 3 big prawn. The soup was not as authentic as I imagine but taste strong with its own kind of flavor. The soup temperature could be hotter and less oily (can already see a layer of oil on top of the broth).

Eat this when you are too lazy to think and go out for lunch. Japanese instant noodle are really honest in photographing how the end product looks like and not for 'Serving suggestion' only.

Not bad... but not a signature dish yet (means nothing special) Strong soup broth, prawn was a bit dry instead of juicy/crunchy, no chilli powder 😶, decent portion.

Laksa with Chicken rice's chicken 😛. Ordered mine with yellow noodle, which the portion was a bit too little compare to normal food court standard. The weekday price is $6. The soup is thick and flavorful and the side ingredients are just nice, but I felt half full only. So I'm only half satisfied. 不爽!


Perfect food presentation and well done fried chicken thigh! I enjoyed my Nasi Lemak.

Just $4 with chicken chop, over cooked poach egg, curry cabbage and rice. Even cheaper than the atas food court upstairs at waterway point.

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Big bowl of ramen with chashu and bamboo shoot. Great place to satisfy ramen craving alone. No GST, service charge. Just like a private celebration between yourself and the savory noodle when you sit along the narrow wall table.

All day breakfast menu at the cosy cafe. Ordered a $15 breakfast set. Presentable, tasty, expensive.


Big, crunchy fried chicken patty with meshed potatoes spread enhanced with light wasabi sauce! And to my surprise this eatery don't have service charge but mentally I include that to my $16.50 burger set already. :)

Omelette rice with teriyaki chicken. The best coffee shop meal that I found in pathetic Punggol with limited economical good food.