A really healthy yet delicious pizza topped with a generous amount of mushrooms, alfalfa, pesto sauce and a touch of fragrant truffle oil. Yolk in sunny side up was runny enough, and the sunny side up had little oil in it. The dough was surprisingly good too even without cheese or much butter. Sharing between 2 people is just right. $19 for such a filling and healthy treat may be costly but definitely worth it once in a while!

Thick and chunky beetroot patty topped with fat generous slices of avocado sandwiched between wholemeal bread. A great healthy lunch to opt for if you wanna go vegetarian!

Two pancakes the size of the bottom of a cup, an egg and some chunks of salmon and crab may not be filling for a hungry person. One can definitely go for the full (this is half), but half is already $16.90 so hmm.. The caviar on top may have called for such a price, but I doubt I'll go a second time for such a cost. Nevertheless the hollandaise sauce was deliciously creamy and the crab and salmon in the middle tasted great too. There's now an opening promotion in which you get a $15 voucher for The Udder Pancake when you buy $15 worth of ice cream at Udders, which means you get free ice cream!


Matcha crepe cake with loads of matcha powder sprinkled on top! Creamy and yummy mmm..

Topped with shredded coconuts, the cream cheese frosting was thinner than other typical cakes, making the cake less sweet. Texture of the cake was smooth and velvety. No wonder it's a best seller.

The raspberry jam was tart and sweet, a good complement to the eggy and soggy French toast. The peanut butter inside the toast wasn't overpowering or too measly.

Looks plain and simple, but the first bite of it tells you it's different from the other waffles you get. The turkey ham taste comes right into your mouth even if you didn't bite on any piece of it. But yes it has some pieces of ham in the waffle. At $8 it's not exactly cheap though.


The quiche is mainly made of eggs with some ham and cheese, strong in flavour and with a light burnt touch. The potato chips are salty flavored and fragrantly crisp as well. Pretty happy with this except that I was expecting the quiche to be thicker and larger instead of this tart size.

The cream was a little too buttery but other than that this cake was savory. Not too sweet but instead having light fragrant taste of spices infused in the cake, it's a good cake to eat over a long chat.

Though some said they didn't like the cranberries as they were too sour, I love them precisely because of that. Hmm should I ignore others' feedback and continue giving in to my own desires? XP

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