Super chill ambience for drinks! Be pampered and spoiled by options to choose for 1 for 1 specialty drinks as they're unique!

The place had an interesting layout, artistic hipster decor. Nice place to get drinks and run errands on the go!

Staff was warm and friendly too! Didn't managed to take a pic of the croissant but kaya croissant is strongly recommended when visiting here as it's super yummy! 😋🥐

Food and place is super chill & cosy! Definitely recommended for those who love tranquility.

They have variety of main options but we had black pepper chicken & wild mushroom chicken with mint lime soda. Strongly recommended! 👍🏽

The 20 Skewers beyond deal is super worth it! Ate till we were contented! It is advisable make a reservation booking to avoid the crowd. Also, please double check the receipt before making the payment as they missed out on certain items.

Apart from that, all was good and they have variety of sauces to compliment with the skewers. It is a great place to hang out and chill with friends as it's open till late night.

Beef Baconator was normal with the grilled beef patty and crispy turkey bacon topped with cheddar, caramelised onions, meslcun & garlic mayonnaise sauce. However, the burger bun and patty was dry that made it average.

Darkwing Duck Burger was delicious! Served with the charcoal buns, the smoked duck topped with sunny side up, cheddar, mesclun and glazed hoisin sauce was a great combination that melts into the mouth, this is strongly recommended!

Quantity was little but apart from that the quality was good. Unagi Don was delicious but Wagyu Beef Don was a little salty, maybe that's their signature style. Nevertheless, it was a good experience!

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Full of taste, no sugar added, low calorie and healthy choice for yogurt lovers!

Both were equally delicious and yummy! Very satisfied with the quantity and quality. Ambience and environment was pretty cosy and chill! Recommended for cheesy lovers! 😋🧀

Texture and taste of the waffles and ice cream were decent. Pleasant place to go with a group of friends. Environment was chill and cosy.

Portion is a little small but the special sauce compliments the richness to the don!

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Chilli crab pasta & Salmon royale was quite flavourful and watery (it's not the dry type). A very affordable cafe! Cosy and chill ambience!

Hand crafted ice cream was was thick and creamy with awesome molten lava cookies. The contrast of hot and cold is sure appealing.

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