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Wine-poached pear, fresh fruit, greek yoghurt, maple and toasted muesli

Soft creamy eggs served with truffle cream and grated parmesan

48-hour proofed, baked a la minute with extra virgin olive oil

Not in photo:
Awfully Chocolate's Signature Cocoa freshly frothed in chilled Hokkaido milk

Love the service. They pay attention to you. They explained the dishes and even cut the bread for you. Maybe because we ordered the brunch? But still great service!

Awfully Chocolate isn’t new to most of us. They are famous for their decadent chocolate! But this is the first time they have a cafe that serves brunch and also dinner at $25!

Located at 131 East Coast Road.

Recommendation: 5/5

Do make reservations as it is crowded on the weekends!

Beef patty with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, secret sauce, cheese, caramelised onions and in-house dill pickles for $12.90.

Paired it with a set for $3 with choice of side and a drink.

Recommendation: 3/5

Great ambience and service! Check them out!

Main dish with 2 side dishes.

Here we have Har-Cheong chicken with Mac & cheese and potato salad. Served with chicken rice chilli. It’s so delicious and affordable at $8.90 only!

Recommendation: 5/5

Opens till 3am to remove your blues everyday!

We ordered their classic waffle with two scoops of ice cream: Dark Chocolate and Earl Grey with Kit Kat topping at additional cost. It comes with chocolate sauce and maple syrup.

There’s also Cloudy waffle - their classic waffle surrounded by a ring of cotton candy.

Recommendation: 3/5
Affordability: 4/5

Disclaimer: pictures taken from their website.

We ordered the weekday special at $66 inclusive of free delivery.

Top left: Roy’s favourite: Mushroom Pesto
Top right: Kryptonite: Clam & Garlic
Bottom left: Here comes the sun: Roast Beef & Garlic
Bottom right: That 10k Bitcoin: Beef pepperoni and Rare Cheese
Centre: Parmesan Garlic Knots with Orange Pepper sauce

Recommendation: 5/5 ⭐️
Affordability: 4/5

Islandwide delivery and self-collection available.

FYI, they only specialise in sourdough pizza so don’t expect sides like chicken wings.

Located at Haji Lane

The orange one had red bean paste and the yellow one had white bean paste.

Recommendation: 4/5

Located af Haji Lane

Assorted sushi (10 pcs), including Toro and Uni sushi for $59.

Recommendation: 5/5

Located at Haji Lane

Deep-fried soft shell crab with flying fish roe, cucumber & mayonnaise at $12 for 8 pieces.

Recommendation: 4/5

Recently opened in Food Republic at 313 Somerset

What I ordered:
1. Bacon beef cheese burger
2. Chilli cheese fries
3. Truffle fries
4. Black lemonade

Price: 3/5 - I would say it’s slightly more expensive than your usual fast food restaurants
Taste: 3/5 - the burger could be better however the fries were good and their black lemonade tasted like lemonade but not sure why it’s black though 😅

Recommendation: 3/5 - Still worth at least one try and perhaps I should have chosen another burger

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Located at Haji Lane

These were on their special menu.

Apologies cannot recall the name of the oysters but what we ordered was medium size at $15 each. With small at $10.

Recommendation: 4/5

It’s so fluffy and refreshing.
Prices range from $9.90 to $16+