Came here after the non- stop raving by a burpple reviewer. who calls it "italian yummies". First the service is ok and it stops there. The cold salad had a small octopus tentacle which was not fresh. The "italian yummies" calls it "pork cracklings", how could real fresh seafood taste like pork? The clams in my pasta had a slight smell but was masked by the butter. The seafood pasta was.... Burpple beyond does not feature this place so we used a discount website. If we had to pay full price.....will not eat here. To the " italian yummies" i would like to suggest another BETTER italian yummy at Raffles City. Maybe it will be Yummy Yum Yum!

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Taste of water in eggs, tea bitter, bread, do not taste peanut butter. All for 7.70 , even for suntec city, too expensive. Worst ever.


Got this on delivery, but came hot. Food is ok, chicken not dry and crusty.

Come in a big gang. For two people, they will just CHUCK U where they feel like. Thanks to the short hair server! The food is mediocre, for those who want a budget and cheap ingredients!

For kids who do not mind about space and are crazy about korean food in ANY surrounding

New branch at suntec city. Opens early, about 8am, limited inside seats superb for whole day studying 👍

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Dinner about 70 sgd per pax. TERRIBLE. Chicken, done three ways. Fake crab seafood.had to plate my own food to make it interesting. Dessert was.... a DESERT. Beef was done two ways, that made up to 6 of the dishes.

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Was in at around 7.20pm, last order at 7.45pm , given the bill at 8.05 pm. That is FAST FOOD. Service was.....well, my fries was not dropped by myself. But food is ok, but still, EXPERIENCE is important.

" chee chong fun" at this place. Isnt it toxic to continuosly steam the chee chong fun with the container? 🤔

Not really cheap and seats are tight, but authentic, depends on what you want,really.

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$15 for 10 pieces. And two drinks for 2 . Not healthy but great if u like kfc, promo weekdays 3-5 pm

Cheap. 50% drink and credit card discount. Worth the price. Unlike, here you can share