Despite being located on the secluded eastern Singapore, this stall has a long queue on weekends. The broth was rich and intense but I didn't finish every drop of it. Prawns were fresh too.

The tenderloin from Prego was a let down. First it came out slightly over medium with a small portion of pink in the middle. The staff was nice to request a refire but it came out medium rare. My recommendation is to stick with Italian classics.

Prego revamped both its decor and menu. However, I preferred the food of old Prego. The cod was good, flaky and loaded with richness of flavors. As I am not a fan of soft skin, I wished it was done crispy.

Wanton Fu serves wanton mee in white sauce and it is quite good. Springy noodles and lean char siew. Subtly, this bowl of noodles seemed similar to Eng's.

Even without the Beyond promo, I think the prices are reasonable.

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I love speakeasy bar.

I guess the owner loves dumplings that she set up this restaurant, serving dumplings. The menu amd coasters comes with caricatures of herself too.

My colleagues were raving about the crackling roast pork and they will order takeaways for dinner. It is really crispy, has a thin layer of fats only and well seasoned with salt. Yummy! The chicken on the other hand was average. I preferred the roast chicken from the direct opposite stall.

I always choose this restaurant instead of Nakhon Kitchen.

I never regret queueing for this. The kway was swimming in a good aromatic broth that has spice notes. You have to go early as the stall closes just before noon.


I waited for 40 minutes in line and I find this yong tau hu average. There are many handmade yong tau hu and you have the option to choose what you like.

Seriously, I find that there is no difference.

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