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This Is Really The Best Mee Tai Mak I Have Eaten In Singapore! Remember my post from a couple of weeks ago about wanting to visit this stall the moment Circuit Breaker ends? Well, I couldn鈥檛 wait 馃槀馃槀 Thanks to my foodie friend @uncle_lim_chiak who did me a huge favour, I got to have their outrageously tasty 鈥淪ignature Mee Tai Mak鈥 again today. Yay!! A very important step before eating is to give the container a proper shake, something I learned from my Teochew bros @szeliang888 and @uncle_lim_chiak. This 鈥渨akes up鈥 the sauce that tends to settle at the bottom during travel time and gets it to coat the Mee Tai Mak evenly. Trust me, you鈥檒l want that because the sauce is a mouthwatering blend and it includes the component I deem most essential for this kind of noodle dish - pork lard oil. For those who like their food spicy, toss in the sliced chilli padi first so its spiciness will be infused during the shake. As 鈥淎h Hua Teochew Noodle鈥 makes their own fish paste items, you bet they are of the best quality and taste. Not only are the fishballs and 鈥渉er keow鈥 fresh, springy and seasoned to perfection, they also possess that elusive taste of a different era. Be warned - if you are of a certain age, you may even find yourself with tears in your eyes when eating this for the first time because the memories of food from your childhood will come flooding back. P.S. Those cute drawings on the containers are done by Jean. She helps her dad operate the business.
Beloved By My Teochew Friends, This Is A Must If You Love The Traditional Taste In Your Noodles. [ Paid Partnership with DBS PayLah! ] . Hawker food is our nation's true soul cuisine. And I am thankful that even during this time of Circuit Breaker, most of them are still dishing up a storm of freshy-cooked meals at extremely affordable prices. What I have found very useful is that #DBSPayLah! has partnered with a few food apps to enable us to order our favourite hawker dishes and #JustPayLah within the apps. Trust me, when you鈥檙e hungry, the more seamless the process, the better. And when the day comes we can go out again to indulge, I for one am going to make a beeline for @ahhuateochewnoodle. Yes, I will have to travel across the island from my home in the East but based on the takeaway order I had (pictured above), it will be worth it. Their signature 鈥淒ry Mee Tai Mak鈥 features handmade fishballs and assorted traditional delicacies painstakingly formed using fish paste such as 鈥渉er keow鈥 (these all taste remarkably fresh, flavourful, and boast a lovely springy texture) with #meetaimak, also known as 鑰侀紶绮 and 鈥淪ilver Needle Noodles鈥. Cooked al dente, the squiggly rice noodles are tossed in a mouthwatering mix of pork lard oil and other seasonings, before being finished with a topping of minced pork. If you can handle spiciness, throw in sliced chilli padi, give it a good stir and and start slurping. This is genuine Teochew comfort food at its best.
So happy when I heard that @ahhuateochewnoodle now islandwide delivery. And so lucky, today they delivery to North. So immediately I placed order. Feature Siganture BTM. Don't deceive by its look, its very flavourful, the mee tai mak tossed in special sauce, and served with the bo handmade meatball and fishball. Too bad i can't try the her kiao, not included in the delivery item. The minus from the delivery is the pork lard no longer crispy, maybe next order I will ask to separate the pork lard so I can have extra crunhyness in my bowl. . 馃挵$5.2 No minimum order, islandwide delivery depends on ur location. For North is $10, but east will be more expensive. To place order, can text 88150716. . 馃搷Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodle. 415 Pandan Garden, #01-117.
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Orh Nee Tarts Managed to get my hands on these 2 precious Orh Nee Tarts ($1.20 each) from June Bakery. Buttery and crumbly crust with generous amount of smooth and not-too-sweet yam filling and gingko nuts atop. Delicious and soooo affordable that makes me wanna go back for more!
Orh nee tart, egg tart, peanut muah chee with orh nee, cheese tart, avocado tart ($1.20 each, in clockwise direction). Thanks to the tip-off by @cweizhi, we preordered the popular tarts from June Bakery on the morning of collection! Chances to snag their Orh Nee tarts were so much higher, ever since they shot to fame. The tarts had a buttery shortcrust, instead of flaky, tart shell that crumbled easily. Pastries with orh nee were a true delight. The orh nee paste was very smooth and had a light sweetness. Resembling the traditional dessert, the orh nee tart also had gingko nuts. For someone who doesn鈥檛 like muah chee, the peanut muah chee with orh nee was a pleasant surprise. A generous amount of orh nee was wrapped within the chewy muah chee, which was fully coated with fragrant chopped peanuts. As for the other 3 tarts that we had, I was expecting the egg tart to be the Portuguese type with a little char on the surface, but it tasted more like steamed egg. Personally not a fan of cheese tarts, though I was still open to trying. Pretty straightforward with the sweet cream cheese, and with the buttery tart, I found both the cheese and egg tarts to be jelak rather quickly. Lastly, the intriguing Avocado tart had a pudding-like texture, somehow tasted like banana rather than a creamy avocado. Missed the apple crumble and sweet potato tarts this time. Will be back! #savefnbsg #loveyourlocalsg
Miss Ha
Apple Crumble Tart [$1.20] All the tarts we鈥檝e tried from June Bakery thus far have been lovely and this Apple Crumble was no exception! There鈥檚 different textures here, from the crumbles and buttery tart shell to the soft apples. Even though it鈥檚 small, you get a good ratio of apples to pastry. It鈥檚 sweet enough to satisfy without being cloying.
Wei Zhi
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Chocolate Cake The cake was really soft and this was quite sweet but it's a good chocolate cake. The sponge was moist too.
Christmas Durian Cake 2KG Again it never fails to end the dinner with a durian cake from our favourite durian cake shop!! We didn鈥檛 care about the decoration it can look weird but who cares!! We didn鈥檛 even make nice cuts of the cake it was like 鈥淨UICK GIVE ME A BIG SLICE鈥 everyone was shouting. It鈥檚 really that good. If you never had it before, you should
Chocolate Cake (8鈥) Chocolate: 8鈥 $38, 10鈥 $58 Durian: 8鈥 $48, 10鈥 $78 Tucked along the narrow street of prata haven, Jalan Kayu, lies this unassuming cake shop. From afar it looks like one of those shady massage parlors from Chinatown. However, in it stood a big boned fella, brimming with confidence, as though he knows this will not be the last time you are here to buy his cakes. True enough, Jane鈥檚 cake station may seemed a little snobbish with only 2 flavors of cakes in its arsenal. But that is exactly how you know they are good. Jane鈥檚 chocolate cake standard is really decent. Except for that hint of saltiness that baffles me, the rest is simply impressive. Chiffon is moist not dry. Chocolate fudge is not too thin nor thick. The fudge also does not harden after long hours of chilling in the fridge unlike most fudge cakes, which is amazing! I personally prefer Jane鈥檚 over Lana鈥檚. No offense to Lana lovers out there heh. Overall, i give it 4.5 chopsticks outta 5! 浣嶆柤鍦ㄦ児铇姞鐢辫矾涓殑搴楀眿瑁★紝灞呯暀浜嗕竴鍊嬪皬铔嬬硶搴椼侸ane鈥檚 铔嬬硶搴楀彧璩e阀鍏嬪姏浠ュ強姒存Г鍙e懗鐨勮泲绯曘傚彲瑕嬪緱搴楅暦灏嶆柤鑷繁铔嬬硶鐨勬按骞冲崄鍒嗘湁淇″績銆傚阀鍏嬪姏铔嬬硶鐨勫▉棰ㄦ繒娼よ屼笉鏈冧咕宸村反鐨勩傚阀鍏嬪姏绯曞堡鍦ㄥ啺寤氳!鍑嶄簡骞惧皬鏅備篃涓嶆渻纭寲銆傚彧鏄阀鍏嬪姏鍛抽亾鏈変竴鍙d笉鏄庣殑娣¢构鍛炽備絾涔熻牷鐗瑰垾鐨勫惂锛佹暣楂斾締瑾紝鎴戝嬩汉锠诲枩姝ane鈥檚 鐨勫阀鍏嬪姏铔嬬硶 璁氳畾璁氾紒
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Burnt Cheesecake - Oozy Goodness馃い 馃嵈DINE OUT馃嵈 馃搷The Kins鈥 Cafe, Pasir Panjang馃搷 馃捀Scrambled Egg Croissant: $16 馃捀 Wagyu Beef Yakiniku Rice Bowl: $20 馃捀 Kins鈥 Burnt Cheesecake: $8 馃捀 Houjicha Burnt Cheesecake: $8.50 馃捀 Matcha Latte: $6 馃捀 Iced Houjicha Latte: $7 ... Late to the game, but we鈥檝e been eyeing The Kins鈥 burnt cheesecake since forever and finally here we are! That oozy creamy layer sandwiched between the fluffy cheesecake layers was easily the highlight of our meal, totally worth all the calories consumed, yums馃い We also tried their brunch/ mains menu and the scrambled egg croissant definitely fared better then the beef bowl. The beef bowl was a tad too oily for our taste馃槀 The Kins鈥 is conveniently located opposite Pasir Panjang mrt with outdoor馃尶and limited indoor seating. Definitely recommend you to make reservations before your visit as there is a constant stream of customers so you鈥檒l have to wait quite a bit but that cheesecake will make your wait worth it!!
Kins鈥 Scrambled Eggs On Croissant It鈥檚 been awhile since I had candied bacon. Definitely not a common ingredient here in SG but I am glad Kins offered. Their brunch and mains options are great and I love how simple, comforting and delicious the scrambled eggs and croissant are for this dish. Kins鈥 Scrambled Eggs on Croissant with Candied Bacon and Feta Cheese ($16) Latte ($6 + $1 ice option) Ratings: 馃馃馃馃
Original Basque Cheesecake Absolute sucker for basque cheesecake that are toasted on the surface with gooey cheese filling flowing out. Have been sourcing for alternatives of Olivia鈥檚. This piece meets the expectations of gooey-ness but the filling does taste a lot more yoghurt-ish than cheesy. I do like how the cheesecake on the outside is soft and moist. Sadly their Hojicha flavour is OOS. Will probably come back to try and share my verdict! Cream Puff ($7.50) Ratings: 馃馃馃
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