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Red Bean ($2.9) The pancake is not your average soggy pancake! It's crispy on the outside. Match taste is strong but not yet bitter. Red bean fillings is a bit on the sweet side but good balance with the green tea flavour. Their menu is gorgeous with quite a number of lovely desserts. I'll come back for more. 😋
Matcha Soft Serve Parfait Deluxe [$8.50] Finally visited 108 Matcha Saro (from Hokkaido, Japan) at Suntec City to try their green tea parfait 🍵 There are so many different dessert options and drinks to choose from here! The parfait consists of: matcha (or hojicha) soft serve, green tea syrup (you can opt for black sugar syrup), green tea jelly, warabi mochi, red bean, shiratama mochi and black sugar jelly. Verdict: From the first mouthful I wasn’t a fan of the matcha soft serve. It was just too cloying and gao^. There was really no nuance to it, and the whole dessert was kind of sweet and will leave you feeling very jelak*. I think the ratio is a bit off. Think it would be nicer if the ice cream itself was less heavy and thick, and also much less, and if there was more black sugar jelly and green tea jelly (and if the jelly had more concentrated green tea flavour and was less mochi-like). Also it needed some hot tea to go with it! Usually in Japan, traditional Japanese shops serve tea with these types of desserts. Price: Not that cheap and if the Internet did not exist, I would have a lot more money in my bank account! 😂💸💸💸 I spent almost half an hour trying to locate 108 Matcha Saro in Suntec City as the directory didn’t provide directions :( To find it, it’s on B1, between Javier’s Rotisserie and Food Republic. Once you’re there, go past Four Leaves, Aburi-En and Fluff Stack and you will see it. 108 Matcha Saro is a corner store in an island of small shops. ^ gao: Hokkien word for thick. *jelak: Malay word for having consumed too much overwhelmingly rich food.
108 Matcha LOVE ❤ Parfait 108 Matcha LOVE ❤ Parfait ($8.50) is ultimate set for Matcha Parfait. 108 Matcha LOVE ❤ Parfait consisted of (x2) white mochi, matcha jelly (topping), (x2) matcha warabi mochi and lastly not list, choice between matcha or brown sugar syrup dipped over the top of ice cream. I found its too bitter without for first few tries without having matcha fragrance enough. I realised that matcha ice cream melted too fast and getting too watery with matcha jelly afterwards. Good to share with friends and worth it to try for ultimate or deluxe set for Parfait if you are at Suntec City.
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Beng Who Cooks. Located at 531A Upper Cross Street, Hong Lim Market & Food Centre, unit 01-44, Singapore 051531. . . Hawker Bowl, $6. For a change today, we had healthy bowl for lunch! Healthy eating doesn’t means boring, this is a super tasty bowl which we really enjoyed! Homemade spicy dory is well marinated with their spices, those sea salt crispy broccoli were very crunchy and tasteful, makes me feel like finishing all the vegs! Yummy!!! @bengwhocooks . . . #hungryunicornsg #bengwhocooks #healthybowl #honglimfoodcentre
Bright towkay Bowl ($9) Liked the ambition with this dish, but the execution just fell short of the mark. First, the good stuff. The egg was sous vide really perfectly, and would easily be one of the best ones we’ve had in SG. Also, their toppings are generally very interesting and out of the ordinary and Ah Beng tries to switch them up once in a while. The tempeh strips weren’t crunchy nor crispy but added a nice nuttiness to the dish, as did the fibre bits (though we’re not sure what this came from). The fried broccoli was also a unique touch to the dish. The glazed tofu was really bland tho, and tasted like boiled tau kwa, only without any taste. The honey sesame beef was also very pedestrian, and had no depth in flavour; it tasted just like sugar was added to it. The heart/core of the romaine lettuce was included in the dish (not sure whether intended or otherwise), which was fine, but it looked like it hadn’t been washed, and was also bitter. But overall, a place to try if you’re looking for a healthier option in chinatown, and also if you wanna support a young hawker! Can Order💪
Wei Loong
Hawker Bowl Lunch / 31 July 2018: rice bowl featuring aromatic rice topped basil beef, onsen egg, mushrooms, apple jelly with a side of salted egg sauce and lots of amusement coming from the young enterprising hawker-students who really behave like bengs. Worth a try!
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Awesome Burnt Cheesecake! Their burnt cheesecake is worth the trip! Haven't had such a nice cheesecake in awhile. Totally out of the world! Flatwhite was decent too. Comes in 3 different sizes. We opt for the 5oz and it was just nice.
the Kins’ Burnt Cheesecake ($9) 🍰 Great news for café hoppers in the West, there's a 3 months old café located conveniently right next to Pasir Panjang mrt @ Bijou Condominium! Especially to my friends at NUS, it's just 2 stops away if you want to escape from school food at this minimalistic café with indoor and outdoor seatings! 🤗 . . Finally tried their popular dessert, the Kins’ Burnt Cheesecake ($9) 🍰. The slightly bitter charred burnt crust was definitely the highlight, it balances the sweetness and saltiness from the gooey cheese perfectly. Served with a puddle of sweetened cream on the side, the cheesecake was delicate and surprisingly light although it was served in a soft cheesy layer in between. The cheese was rich and creamy in every bite 👍🏻💯. We savored the burnt cheesecake in no time and although it is not the cheapest, I might be back for more cheesecake!! 😋🙌🏻 We also had the Houjicha Latte ($6, +$1 for iced option), not the best out there but it was done right and satisfactory. Nonetheless, just so you know that The Kins’ Specialty Coffee also dish out mains from their kitchen 😊
White (5 oz) Everyone talks about the kins’ burnt cheesecake, but hardly anyone mentions how delicious their coffees are. Coffees were unpretentiously termed 3oz, 5oz, 7oz, according to how much milk was added to the cup. I enjoyed the 5oz ($5) - it’s one of my favourites . Somehow drinking coffee in a ceramic mug adds to the experience, I don’t know why 🤷🏻‍♀️☺️ loved the chill ambience and will be back to try more ☺️
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