Crispy skin, tender flesh although dry at certain areas. Smooth potato puree and the orange segments add some citric acidity to the duck, which is a common French pairing. Definitely worth the money at just $10.9

Fantastically rich taste of tiramisu and a hint of bitterness in the chocolate at $8!

Brilliant texture and rich flavours! A must have for chocolate and Nutella lovers! Definitely deserves an 'A'.

A must have for instant noodles lovers. ^^ the soup base was just delicious! Hoping that there would have been a whole egg and more veg considering that it was $10.90- it was a generous amount of noodles however. Nice!

Salad + 5 toppings + 1 dressing = $7.90!
Had grapes, cherry tomatoes, pineapples, parmesan cheese and carrots. Good place to go considering the beautiful concept of a lawn. Good place to eat at considering how easy it would be to have a healthy meal!

Nice when eaten cold! A little bland, but the mango is definitely good!

The best! 'Bukit Timah Fried White Carrot Cake' which comes in $2, $3 or $5 portions! It's never burnt anywhere. Created a standard which I've never felt surpassed! The taste I will keep chasing. ^^


Cocktail with a fair balance of sweet and sour, and one in which the alcohol taste was not overbearing! Really enjoyed it.

Ironic it may be, but between this and the spaghetti sausage pasta, I enjoyed this infinitely more!