If you do not have any lunch plans in mind, perhaps you might be interested in this well-seasoned and tasty Ribeye. It comes with 5 types of sauces: Mushroom, Black Pepper, Cafe De Paris, Mala and Black Bean. I chose Black Pepper this time but will definitely explore the others next time round. It comes with 2 sides as well.
We feel that this very affordable for their generous portions and the environment is really fancy for a nice lunch/dinner date. Would definitely be back for more soon.

Looking forward to the weekends again and totally missing the taste of this Uji Maccha Tiramisu (S$6.20). The milky texture, accompanied with vanilla chiffon and matcha powder, was so soft and creamy that one serving can never be enough.

This Crispy Pan-Fried Salmon (S$22.9) was well seasoned and so tasty. Accompanied with lemon butter sauce, mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables, it overall looks pleasing in sight as well. A well mixed of flavours and definitely worth trying!

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Loving this Ban Mian (S$3.50+) breakfast so much! The broth is always on-point flavourful and just look how generous they are with their ingredients.
They open as early as 7am and by 9am, they would be flooded with customers.
If you are around the neighbourhood, do give this a try as it is truly a wonderful experience.

What better way to kick off into the weekend than to indulge into this delicious and juicy Prime Ribeye (S$48) at Fyr on a Fri. Accompanied with basil and fried crisp shallot, truly the main star of the dish shines out. The momotaro tomato gave a nice colour and freshness onto the plating as well.
Hope that this will be an option for your date as it serves good drinks on top of their good food.

This Hokkaido Raw Milk Soft Serve Matcha [S$6.50] would definitely do the trick in quenching your thirst. As a matcha lover myself, this is really good as the amount was just right.
It tasted smooth and didn’t leave a sticky after-taste at all. Would definitely go for seconds if my tummy wasn’t that full.

What better way to start the eve of National Day than to have a tasty cup of Coconut Latte [S$5.50]. It’s so natural and it’s not sweet as compared to some that adds sweet coconut syrup.
Always a good place to wind down and appreciate the blessings in life.

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[On Table]
Cottontail Big Breakfast (S$18.50)
Smashed Avocado (S$15.50)
Pulled Pork Quesadilla (S$17.50)
Ice Lemon Earl Grey Tea (S$4.00)
Their Big Breakfast was indeed a generous portion. Their house-made Toulouse sausage patty was tender and good. And how could one resist to add-on their Candied Bacon (S$3.50). The whole dish really ties up well together with the Portobello mushroom, smashed potato and scrambled eggs. A dish that can be shared for sure.
It’s really a distance worth travelling to for brunch. Their ice cream was also extremely smooth and tasty. Stay tuned to see that post in days to come.
Have a blessed Saturday ahead of you.

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Some views are refreshing, while some are not. Most Mondays are tough to get by but the rest of the days will get easier.
This rose latte has been all-time favourite and a go-to on tough days at work. What’s your favourite coffee or tea to end your day?
Have a blessed evening ahead of you and yes, you survived the Monday blues. Good job!