Nothing could go wrong with the breakfast platter. Sausages, eggs, bacon, hash browns, garlic baguette, baked beans and some greens. The osmanthus honey bacon and smoked sausages is the star of the plate, just wished the baguette could be a little crispier.

Wooshi your own bowl
Ordered: lemongrass chicken, glass noodle, cherry tomatoes, avocado, onsen egg, tempura puff, fried shallots and yoozoo sesame sauce

Chicken is fragrant, sauce is mild (not overly flavoured) and glass noodles is QQ. Pretty balance meal with many different elements of taste and texture. Pretty good as a whole.

Each roll for $20 before GST
*Burpple have a different menu for these rolls*

4⭐️/5 Deep Fried Roll
Cripsy outer layer with deep fried ebi. Lots of elements and flavours in this maki roll. People who don’t eat raw fish, can definitely try this.

4⭐️/5 Salmon Teriyaki Roll
Very saucy, very nice. Main highlight is the collaboration of the avocado, aburi salmon and the spicy mayo that elevates the maki roll.

3.5⭐️/5 MYO sushi
Burpple 1-for-1

Pretty good sushi roll. Gochujang chicken is pretty well seasoned but don’t think it goes that well for a sushi roll. Would prefer it better if 2 sushi rolls can select a different choice!

[$28 before GST]
The elements added to this pizza is good like the cherry tomatoes, the cheese, the ham, the sauce and the veg. Crust is the thick kind and I feel more ingredients can elevate the pizza even more.

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[$28 before GST]

Strong truffle taste with richness of the cream. The flat pasta coats the cream well and the pork sausage gives a nice balance to the dish.

Applicable for Burpple 1-for-1

1⭐️/5 Chicken Baked Rice
Cream based baked rice. The chicken is cut to little pieces which is almost nonexistent. To be honest, it just tasted like microwave food as the whole dish is very soft and bland. Would not recommend.

Witch Sleeping Spell
[$6.90 before GST]
Unsweetened fragrant tea with dried fruits and flowers.

Applicable for burpple 1-for-1

2.5⭐️/5 Beef Bolognese
[$14 before GST]
The beef is flavourful but the sauce is a little watery and dull. The pasta is linguini and cooked to be Al Dente. Although it is a cafe food standard, I feel the taste can be improved.

Peach Tea
[$6.90 before GST]
Sweet tea with a flavourful peach taste. Pretty expensive even with burpple.

(Applicable for burpple 1-for-1)
[$27 before GST]

The risotto is a tomato sauce based which is tangy and tasty. It contains many seafood mainly squid, prawns and clams. The dish is a little one dimensional that really shouts TOMATO. For me, it feels a little too “Jelak” overtime.

(Applicable for burpple 1-for-1)
[$29 before GST]

Beef is tender, mash potatoes are smooth and mushrooms are soft. Everything kind of melts in your mouth. With the drizzle red wine sauce, it becomes a very hearty and wholesome meal. My only complain is that the portion should be bigger, cant get enough of this dish.

(Applicable for burpple 1-for-1)
[$22 before GST]

Burger contains 2 heavenly fried chicken with cheese, salsa and lemon mayonnaise which is well matched. The crispy-ness and juicy-ness of the chicken is really one of the best I ever had. The Bun is really a huge WOW, very balance of browning at all sides. The sweet potato fries is pretty good. Would get this even without Burpple!!

(Applicable for burpple 30%)
[Dinner buffet $19.90 + cheese ring $9.90 before GST]

Pretty unique buffet with lots of variety like the tteokbokki, deep fried dishes and fish cake stewer. Ordered the classic soup which is sweet, flavourful and not spicy. The cheese ring contains sweet corn which I think should be left out, haha. Finishing the hotpot, there is an option to fry the rice with the left over soup base but I think the fried rice was a meh.