My friends and I was amazed by this! Delicious and fresh lobster! We wish we could have more. The taste was really good. Loving the chilli lobster. Pasta was cooked perfect.

It was just an ordinary ribeye steak. Nothing much about it.

My friends and I enjoyed this dish a lot! The sauce wasn’t too sweet unlike many others, meat was really tender. The sides were good too!

1. Chocolate Sorbet & Honey Lavender
2. Yuzu Sorbet & Chocolate Stout

First off, appreciate the staff’s patience and friendliness towards their customers. We tried many flavours and staff remain kind and friendly. Ice cream flavours were interesting and the 1 for 1 deal is worth it. Even without the deal, I would buy it too! Definitely worth a try!

The combination of Apple, Rum & Raisins ice cream and Bacons was mind-blowing. It was delicious! Savoury and sweet 😛

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Not-your-usual Tiramisu. It is like a breakdown tiramisu. It was actually very nice. Bitter, sweet, chocolates. Everything comes together makes the dessert special. Portion was just nice as we were quite full by then.

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1. Rib Eye Steak 200g (Med rare)
Spammed with loads of mushrooms which was quite tasty with the steak. Steak was cooked well and juicy!

2. Pork Belly
Soft and flavourful. We loved the pineapple sauce that came with it.

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Bread was served prior to the meal.

1. Spanish Octopus
Not bad, chewy and tasty sauce!

2. Prawn & Avocado
Lovely dish! We loved it. The sauce was perfect complement to the prawns. Take note: only 4 pieces of prawns.

Was wow-ed by this 3 tier meat patties burger. (Forgot its name). Served with fries. Fries was really good. Burger was okay. I felt it’s good for 2 person. Food took quite long to prepare thouuu.

Worth every cent! The broth is light and refreshing. A small bowl is enough for one person. We added a small amount of chilli paste and vinegar into the soups and it taste great. For this bowl, we picked triangle noodle. Chewy and springy!

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One of the favourites and I can know why after tasting it! Soooo delicious. The “numbness” (“ma” in Chinese) is well balanced with the soup. I cleared the soup! I picked the thinnest noodles for this bowl and it turn out to taste somewhat like “mee sua”. Still good. But because of its “thinness” the noodles is not as chewy. The beef was thinly sliced. Top some “chilli paste” they provide free at the side. Just perfect!

I must say their side dish wasn’t very fantastic though and quite salty. But the main dishes were superb.

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Quite reasonably priced for the tenderness and flavourful beef cheek! Went because of 1 for 1, ended up ordering this dish because we couldn’t resist. Sauce is sweet and tangy with generous amount of mushrooms.