Mushroom & Sausage Alio Olio ($7) Quick satisfaction for those with pasta craving!

European style setting: good bargain to go for their set lunch ($13.90++). This comes with chicken potato soup, healthy salad, bread or rice of your choice, main dish which is the salmon with special tartar sauce & even pasta on the side. To end it of, they serve with coffee, tea or ice cream. I would recommend tea or coffee since the ice cream is just meh :/

Great service, nice ambience: thick peanut butter cake ($8.50), nutty bola ($6.90) would recommend to go with ice cream so that it is not too dry, chocolate drink ($7) thick & good! I would highly recommend the chocolate frappe drink. Soooooooooo good!


A unique bowl of French Thai fusion ($14.90): highly recommended pasta in this restaurant!

Sticky date pudding with ice cream, drizzled with toffee and caramel sauce ($15) + dark Chocolate cake with ice cream, drizzled with Super Super thick chocolate sauce ($16). Warning: good for sharing! The chocolate cake is almost 10cm tall! Sinful but worth it! Can you see how generous they are with the sauce :o


Salted vegetables Steam fish with egg toufu ($50): even the soup tasted sooooo good!

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Treasure chicken pot ($50): no idea what is the real name of the dish but digging into this pot was like fishing out treasure. This contains chicken (which was so soft and tender), sea cucumber, mushroom, baby abalone, scallop & Chinese herbs!

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Handmade Beancurd ($20): highlight of this dish is the thick handmade Beancurd dipped in oyster sauce. Looks simple, tastes good!

Handmade fried yam ring stuffed with huge scallop in the middle ($25 for 5 pieces): seafood goodness within sinful fried yam ring. Crispy on the outside, softness on the inside, & accompanied with the chewiness of the scallop. Perfect match in every mouth (:

Crab beehoon served in a claypot ($60): the soup was milky & tasty, infused with the sweetness from the crab meat. I like how unique this dish, great for sharing!


Singapore's famous chili crab ($60): the spicy level is just nice, with thick sauce just suitable to dip with mantou. The crab was also big & fresh! Awesome!


This bakery serves my favorite fruit cake, with thick almond tart base. It is light, fluffy and pretty-looking with a ribbon to give this whole cake a sweet touch. Perfect! ($40)