Every single one of them was amazing i must say. The best one was the cinnamon roll. it’s a must try ! Although i’m not a big fan of apple desserts, this one was a subtle and impressive apple tart :) I was pleased with it !

The cray roll ($21.90) melts so softly in your mouth after being freshly cooked πŸ˜› drizzled in prawn mayonnaise gives off a nice end to every bite you take !

Pulled Pork, Hoison BBQ was an amazing choice although slightly salty but worth a try :) ! The pieces of pork just packs a bunch with the different garnishes on top with sourdough 😍

Food : 4/5
Ambience : 5/5
Location : 5/5
Pricing : $$ - $$$

Would i come again ?

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Affordable poke bowls !!! My bowl cost me only $9.90 :) !! Worth it for all who want to try !! They have three different sizes and personally i think the smallest which is this one in the picture is good enough for me :) you could top it up with a lot of toppings of your choice !! Add ons for $1/$2 depending on what you choose as well :) There’s on near somerset ! do check it out :)

Amazing fluffy pancakes covered with blueberries and maple syrup 😍😍 the pancakes are light and thick... definitely worth the try !! I also had their Strawberry Rhubarb Lemonade and it’s amazing too :) This plate of pancakes costed $19 :) !! Worth the deal and try !!

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The thai food may seem a little pricey to you guys at first but it all tastes authentic and amazing. No matter how much , i will still pay. It is definitely worth your money and definitely worth a try if you are looking for good authentic food. One thing that i did not like was the desserts, i didn’t like the red ruby dessert because it’s not the actual taste and it taste bland. Other than that , the phad thai is what i recommend most πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

STUDENTS MEALS promotion!!! they have it every week on weekdays only !! * terms and conditions apply * !!

The hotcakes are amazingly soft and good! Curious palette are well know for their desserts and this is one of their signatures 😍 this place of hotcakes cost $14.90 and i would say that it is definitely worth it :) !! it has a 30mins wait but trust me , u definitely want to wait for this . the hotcakes are amazing and they are decorated with variety of fruits and sunflower seeds as well !! this hotcakes are also know to beautify your skin (for girls, here’s a tip!) !! i have been here 3 times and i order the same thing every time :) this is perfect for dates and anytime u r craving for hotcakes πŸ’ž Enjoy !!

The Ice Cream is delicious and i’m definitely gonna keep coming back here 😍😍 this is my 3-4 times already !! i lost track because the ice cream is way too good . The price is reasonable and the waffles are a must try !!

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the pasta was well made and the servings were just nice !! my meal which is the bottom one came with a drink as it was a student set :) !! it’s worth a try at jcube !!

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This pizza is really good quality and serves really well !! one pizza serves about 3-4 people so it’s really good enough for a small group meetings :) !! their tapas and steak are amazing 😍😍 plus their drinks πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ This pizza cost about $22-23

Really good first experience there :) affordable prices and changes their cakes weekly so there is a variety to try !! each piece of cake comes along with ice cream too :) it can be waffles or anything else they have !! they should improve their menu though ! Good for desserts in afternoon or after dinner :)

this set above cost about $16-17 :)) enjoy !!

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