If I recall correctly it was supposed to be cottage cheese, mango, honey and walnuts. There wasn't any walnuts but instead a berry compote. I was expecting a sweet and savory combi but this just tasted like dessert

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Fish and chicken meatballs with half white bean cassoulet and half roasted veg with salsa verde. Dry again, veg pretty oily but the salsa verde was excellent!!

Beef and pork with tagliatelle and truffle mushroom sauce. Hmm pretty dry meatballs... And the sauce wasn't enough to coat the pasta

Not soft enough, kinda tough and chewy. Tried tbb for the 3rd time and all 3 times I left disappointed. Way overhyped

Wasn't mine, but my dining partner liked it although he said the dressing was a tad overdone. Overall pretty good though. Wasn't as wowed with the lokal, i think it's a bit overhyped

Pretty yummy dish, I initially wanted the roast pumpkin but they changed their menu); the carrots were a bit too hard, it was difficult to cut with a fork

Sticky date pudding! Not among the best I had though it was a bit too sweet

Miso grilled mushrooms and salmon with side of roasted sweet potato, broccoli and tomato #breakfast

Inspired by @thesashadiaries brocc-cauli tabbouleh salad. I mainly just spiced things up a bit!(: