The creamy mushrooms with sausages on sourdough is quite meeeeh to me. It’s not bad, but maybe just not my kind of cheese used.

Probably the best waffle I’ve ate so far! Eat it while it’s hot.

Crispy waffle with perfect combination of banana cake chunk, walnuts, fresh banana, vanilla ice cream topped with a layer of caramel. Yummy~

Found this awesome restaurant along 21 Lorong Kilat at Beauty World. Revelry is famous for its waffles and it didn’t disappointment me at all.

Great food, excellent ambiance and customer service! 👍🏻👏🏻

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Beyond 1 for 1 Gelato Frappe @ Gelatissimo! Very generous number of scoop for each cup~ Choose from any fruity ice cream available! The sweetness is just right! 👍🏻

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Finally got a seat here on a Sunday morning! Been eagerly wanted to try for a Long time and it really didn’t disappoint me! The salmon is very fresh and soft, beef is very tasty as well, I wish there’s more beef on it. 😜

Very worth it with the Beyond membership! Must try!

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YEEEAA! The Mala potato chips is now at Westgate! Another food source to solve my craving for Mala~ Super addictive! 🔥

I seldom write a review unless the service is exceptionally good. Oh My Cafe exceeds what I wished for in customer services. The food are served in nice setting, freshly made and very tasty; just nice to fill our stomach. Set A menu $19 comes with a main dish, a glass of fresh Korea strawberry juice and ice cream. I ordered their Oh My Petite Platter BBQ Beef, Oh My Soup $6.4 consists of fish cakes and rice cake; The rice cake has a unique fluffy and slightly chewy texture. And must try their sweet potato latte! *double thumbs up