Love the lamb ribs but this is a bit over salty. It will be perfect if this can be less salty. Crunchy outside with slightly burnt end and soft inside. Bamboo shoot taste just right. πŸ₯°

Went there at early morning 5.10am.
Only 3 people in the shop.
Coffee is goood. Eggs are goood too.

For the toast, I was expecting a more crunchy texture of bread and it is not. However the thick sliced butter between the bread is just sooo gooodπŸ˜‹

Price is reasonable.

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This is a very tasty fruit tea with cheese foam. Richness of strawberries taste but do not cover the fragrant of tea.
Can even taste the strawberries fruits from the drink.

Daisuki! However the cost is slightly high at $8.70.

1 for 1 deal
Soft serve is good. Beginning is good. Started to feel its too much while I'm half way finishing it because of the cookie dough's over sweetness. Even its just single scoop and it looks small, I can't finish it.
If you are a sweet person, u may go for it. Sugar crush! Btw I love the soft serve, I can't even finish half without the soft serve. It neutral the sweetness.

Not a ramen person but I love this truffle ramen which is full of the aroma of truffle. Compared with the truffle broth ramen, its taste is much richer. However, it is a little bit dry which make it abit sticky. But still love it.

-One for one deal-
Grilled chicken and mushroom Risotto.
The risotto is very tasty but not really fancy on eating big piece of chicken.
It would be best if there is option for only mushroom Risotto.
Food here overall are very nice.
Even ordered drink is unlimited refillable (only for soft drinks). This is the part I love the most πŸ˜‚

-One for one deal-
Hmm... It is a Korean garlic fried rice? Came here then know it is actually a Korean restaurant.
Expecting an ordinary garlic fried rice but a little bit different as in this has added some roes which give a cruchie texture. And had added some kind mayonese-like sauce. Not really sure what sauce is it but it taste good.

Me and my husband love this rice πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

-One for one deal-
Bought honey lemon green tea and honey orange black tea. Preferred orange black tea which taste less sweet then the lemon green tea. And the black tea with orange fragrant are very well tasted. Yum. Honey lemon green tea is just such a very common taste.
Added pearl but the pearl I personally feel too chewy for my taste.

Hmm. Not a big fan of Alvocado. Food are fresh but the brown rice is kinda hard, is it under cooked? Other than the rice. The rest are just nice. πŸ˜‰

Portion of food here is big for those big eater. And it is always very crowded. It's not the place for u if u would like to have a quiet time.

Ordered a long black. It is just OK for me as it is more on sourish taste.

The indoor area is small and very fast full house. Do not come here if it is a hot day even though outdoor equiped with sufficient fans. But not for those who has heavy perspiration.

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Love the food here. Especially the salad sauce they provided on the table,there were two bottle of sauces, was wondering what was the black sauce (the other one was sesame sauce), once tasted, feel so refreshing (its yuzu sauce!).
So caring that they gave u the option of the salad sauce and u can decided to put how much u wan it to be.
The fried food are great as well with their crunchy breadcrumbs. πŸ˜‹
I enjoy the food here!

Went here alone,sitting at the bar.
The crew is nice and kind. Explain patiently to me about the coffee and the taste, even offer me a small glass of fast brew coffee aft i ordered one slow brew.
Food is good coffee is good place is good πŸ‘


Expecting the gatsby ambience in this place. Ordered festive dinner which ia shown in picture,more like a jumbo set for two persons. Food overall is nice but not as expected. Probably too much meat for us as the steak is big.
Dont think its is worth the price.
$270+ for one big plate plus a glass of wine.
Btw the services from the staffs is good!