The famous Sungei Road Trishaw Laksa stall at Yuhua market sells only 3 dishes: Traditional laksa, mee rebus and meesiam, and they do it right! If you prefer your noodles slightly sweet, you'll love their meesiam here! Priced at only $2.50, they serve you a generous amount of noodles and ingredients! My personal favourite is the mee rebus, also priced at $2.50. The gravy is thick and slightly sweet. The sourness from the lime and green chilli made the dish so appetizing that I finished all that gravy. 😋 Btw, they use only whole-grain noodles... but then again, when I'm already eating laksa, it doesn't really matter to me. 😂


It has been quite some time since I've had breakfast at a hawker center. Got off my lazy butt on Labour day morning to queue for the ever-popular feifei roasted wanton mee! Reached at 10am and queued for over 40 minutes!! $3 for a plate of fresh and springy egg noodles tossed in their special marinate. Thick cuts of sweet and fatty Char Siew and 2 juicy wanton balls! I decided to add roast pork ($4.50 in total) to justify me waking up and queuing 40 minutes for it! And yes I'm glad I made that decision. The auntie queuing behind me said that their Char Siew normally gets sold out by lunch! But if I do this too often, I will really become feifei. 😂

Customizable meal for $3.50?? Choose from the meat main toppings, the style (curry, spicy dry toss, or a kick of spicy assam sauce) and lastly your choice of carbs. The serving of both my crispy pork belly main and spicy dry toss noodles were humongous!! It was not just about the quantity, it was delicious! It definitely did not taste of MSG, the fried onions and spicy sauce-coated noodles were so appetizing! I just couldn't stop eating the noodles even on its own. The stall next door selling traditional radish cakes was a bomb!! Soft and fluffy cakes that are deep fried to perfection upon order. They have yam, carrot and pumpkin cakes to choose from but the stall owner allowed for a combination of all! 6 big pieces of "cham-cham" cakes at only $2!! Where to find?? Very passionate and friendly stall owners who will not hesitate to recommend you a dish that you will love. Now I know that the rave reviews about this place were not exaggerated!

No better motivation to wake up early on a Sunday morning than breakfast at my favourite bakery! $5.90 for 4 thick slices of freshly baked fluffy bread and your choice of coffee/tea! 4 different flavours of crusted soft bread served with butter and jams. Super worth it AND! it's available on all days (9am-11am) throughout the week!!


New item - Unagi rice bowl, launch price at $10! Something special because the marinated eel is grilled first, before deep frying to give a thin crisp skin while the flesh remains soft and fluffy. The unagi is not "tempura-ed", which was good, as I felt would preserve the charcoal taste of the grilled eel. I found the marinate sauce a little too salty on its own, but perfect if taken with their japanese import rice (Hence the rice bowl 😅) The marinate sauce is not overly sweet for people who doesn't like their eel excessively sweet. Very reasonably priced for the quality and portion (grilled eel is not cheap! >


Tuna fair at Ikeikemaru - Liang court is one not to be missed! Starts on 9th April till 17th April, 50% off Maguro sushi and sashimi. Otoro from $6.80 to $3.80 a piece was a steal! Not forgetting the Chutoro from $5.80 to $2.80. My all-time favourite Negitoro gunkan at only $1.80 for 2 pieces! Half price but not half the quality. Perhaps we ordered right after the impressive bluefin tuna cutting session (A whopping 80kg giant), these plates were definitely among the freshest tunas we've eaten in Singapore. (Just look at the vibrant color of the fish 😍) Skip the salmon for now, dive straight in with the Tuna menu!


When bestie told me today is the last day of sale for Asanoya's Matcha salted egg croissant. Here I am at 11am. It started with one matcha croissant and one maple salted egg croissant. And from there it escalated into this scrumptious spread. Of course, we finished everything and licked up all the flowy goodness on the plate. 😋


I am not me if I have not tried Kabe no Ana's new/seasonal pasta menu. 😂 Newest lunch menu ($13.90 for a soup, salad and pasta) features Tarako pasta with fresh Rockets and an Onsen tamago. Slightly different from their popular Mentaiko cream pasta, which tends to be creamier and heavier. This one had the saltiness from the roes and while runny onsen tamago bound the whole dish together. The generous topping of rocket greens added freshness and lightened the dish (Which I felt was necessary since the pasta was cooked with Bacon!!) 😂😂

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Buttery crust that crumbled under my fork, Checked! Well-balanced lemon curd custard, Checked! Crisp-crusted chewy macaron, Checked! 😋

[[Bangkok Mos Burger]] Rice burger filled with overflowing tender Kurobuta pork shabu shabu slices drenched in Goma sauce and sauteed cabbage. Dip the Japanese kurobuta pork slices or rice patties in the accompanying spicy chilli sauce and enjoy it Thai style! 😍

My long awaited Teppei Omakase reservation is finally here! A memorable and unique gastronomic experience at a price of $80++/pax. It was a 2-hour non-stop action where Chef Yamashita and his staff cooked and prepared an overwhelming 20-course omakase for about 30 of us. A lot of thought and effort have been put into creating the menu and many of us were having fun with both the Chef and the playful kitchen crew. The kitchen staff were sneaking wasabi into some dishes and feeding it to the unaware guests. Out of 30 spoonful of Edamame puree, 2 of them were wasabi disguised as the dish. And guess who's lucky today? Me. HAHA! But then the staff were quick to provide more tea and water after a good laugh at my suffering. (No harm and hurt intended though 😂) Did I enjoy myself? YES! But such quality food and experience really does come with a hefty price tag.

Excuse me while I have a date with this incredibly soft and fluffy Ginger date pudding. Served warm on a bed of sweet toffee chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Naturally sweetened with dates and subtle hints of ginger flavour. Fret not, as the taste of ginger was noticeable but not overpowering. A spoonful of vanilla ice cream pairs perfectly with the warm soufflé-like pudding and toffee sauce! The whole dish was just perfect for me!