Costs only around $250 yuan (SGD$60) for this huge pot. Let alone the crab, the potatoes and noodles are surprising good as they absorbed the sauce from the crab!

My first try of this popular steamboat chain store! Good food good service!

Went to USS but couldnt see it. Eventually got these from Sydney!

I'm really impressed by this laksa. No cockles tho. The soup is very thick and full of coconut favor!

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It's so convenient that I can get a cold pressed juice from a nearby supermarket! One more like tick to SG!


A little bit crazy to make this short trip to SG(only a weekend trip to go see Tulipmania). But the Tulipmania in gardens by the bay was awesome! Worth it!

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It's pretty good, not too sweet. The cake from this shop is usually too sweet for me. Just a bit overpriced. This tiramisu costs $19.9.

Excellent quality, half the price than HK! This is why I come here whenever I am in town!